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Phoenix Rising Stories

The Power of Women’s Phoenix Rising stories:

June has been a rough month of grieving for me. This month marks 22 years since my older sister’s death and the last time I saw my mother…. oh yes, father’s day is in June too! UGH 🙁

Death creates a certain flavor of grief.

Losing my mother is a special kind of challenge and mind-f**k.

I surrender to grief.
I journey to the underworld.
I allow all the emotions I would rather not feel.

I listen to the voices in my head:

Inner critic: “Get over it! 22 years since your sister died…and you still cry?”

Unconditional love: “it’s ok to cry honey, I will hold you.”

Inner critic:”You will never see your mother again, let go!”

Unconditional Love: “Love never dies, let love wash over and through you.”

Inner Critic: “Why can’t you be happy for all the years your father was alive?”

Inner Wisdom: “Write a book called Forbidden Phoenix.”

me: Wait, what? Write a book now?”

Inner wisdom: “Create a book, podcast series and video collaboration with women who have experienced the intensity of life changing events and their stories of rising from the ashes. This project will highlight the Rising Power of Women’s Voices and create a sacred space for your unspoken truth…”

me: OK, Here we go!

We are coming together and rising from the ashes of the global changes we are facing.

May we support the process of Awakening!

The Rising Power of Women’s Unspoken Truth: Book, Podcast Series & Video Collaboration

A soul gathering where deep listening happens, where truths are revealed, on the sacred ground of transformational healing for generations past, present and future.

If you or any women you know who like to be interviewed please click the link in the first comment to answer the interview questions.

With love and the power of awakening,
christel xxo

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Soul Purpose Oracle June 22, 2017

Soul Purpose Oracle from the Kuan Yin Oracle Deck

Take a deeper breath. Soften your face & shoulders. Ask the Kuan Yin Oracle and your inner guidance to pick a card to guide, inspire or uplift you.

The more specific your question the more potent the answer.

Post the number of your choice in the comments below. You will receive a mini energy healing to support your alignment with your soul purpose.


Kuan Yin Oracle: Please let me know what resonates most about your card today and if you picked #2 I encourage you to also read card #1

#1 The Threshold ~ Congratulations! You are embarking on a soul liberation that leads to freedom of love that triumphs over fear. This is a sacred and important transition for you. It is wise to surround yourself with friends that love and support you in an environment that you can thrive in. The threshold can involve deep testing and an initiation to solidify your commitment to love and spiritual awakening. Self-love and self-care are your most important allies as well as receiving support from your family and community.

#2 Empress of the Pearl ~ Your soul purpose gifts have great value which were born from struggle, adversity and challenge. A pearl begins as a grain of sand that is “coated” by a clam and forms a treasure that we call a pearl. You are in the threshold that leads into greater clarity on the beauty your challenges created that not only supports your healing but also the spiritual awakening of humanity. Are you ready and willing to step out of the shadows and share more of your soul gifts now?

#3 Many hands of the Goddess ~ The Goddess Kuan Yin brings blessings to multiple projects and areas of your life and one time. Trust your focus and flow, release your worries to Kuan Yin and allow her, the power of the Divine Goddess that is within and all around you to support and guide you. If you are drawn to focus, work on many projects or rest practice allowing and listening to your inner wisdom and intuitive rhythm. Through your trusting heart you will accomplish more than you can imagine.

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Create a Signature Coaching Program

Create a Signature Program in your Coaching Business or Holistic Practice & attract your ideal clients with ease.

Quick 15 minute live training to support you to clarify your signature offer

1. Make a list of all your passions
2. Write down the bullet points of your Hero’s Journey & Heroine’s Journey
a. Challenges
b. Triumphs or Ecstatic Events
3. Personal & Professional Training & Experience
4. Where can these meet a grounded need in the market place which means something people are looking for and willing to pay for
5. Make a list of 10 ideas
6. Talk to everyone you know about your ideas and collect information to clarify your signature program

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Soul Purpose Oracle June 14, 2017

June 14, 2017 Soul Purpose Oracle:

Take a breath & soften your face & shoulders.
Ask your inner guidance to pick a card to guide, inspire or uplift you.
Post the number of your choice in the comments below. You will receive a mini energy healing to support your alignment with your soul purpose.


Thank you for participating this week, please let me know if your card resonates for you.

1. Silver Sister – Are you regularly engaging your clearing, grounding and protection practices? Look for an old pattern that where you may be giving your power away or falling into the “victim space” and take action, stand in your power & create clear boundaries.

2.Sacred to Fly -Are you honoring your sense of “divine right timing?” Listen to your inner wisdom and guidance and follow the natural flow and rhythm that feels best to you now…. is there wisdom for you in waiting? or is it time to release the know and fly into the unknown… only you know.

3. Greenman’s Door – Next week is the summer solstice and the veil between the worlds become thinner….. perhaps plan a personal ritual or honor what is coming into fullness on the longest day of the year for you. Pay attention to signs and signals from the Fairy Realm.

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Discover your Soul Purpose

Discover Soul Purpose

Are you a spiritual seeker looking to discover soul purpose and connect to the deeper meaning of your life?

Would you like to embody your soul purpose?

Do want to live connected to your life purpose?

In this training I share the common misconceptions that often cause women to get stuck on her journey to embody her soul purpose.

I share three powerful pathways to explore to get more in touch with your life purpose in this quick 15 minute training.

Watch this live training to connect your purpose, passion and power to enjoy health, wealth and great love.

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