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I’m on a mission to change our experience of your body, pleasure, and power.

Will you join me?

Too many women have been trained to caretake everyone in their life… except themselves. I’m all for us women caring for others… but the unspoken requirement to people-please and self-sacrifice must change. 

And we are going to change it together! 

The dominant culture trains us to be people-pleasers. Thus… getting in touch with your true desires… asking for what you want… and getting it unapologetically is a revolutionary act. 

In fact… there’s so much taboo in the dominant culture about a woman asking for what she wants, and receiving what she wants… many women don’t even know what they want. 

Together, we’re going to go on a journey of you reclaiming your desires. 

A journey of standing in your power… in your relationships… in your work… and in public places. 

So many women hold back on their power because they think they have to act like a man to be powerful in this world. 

Together, we’re creating a new paradigm that balances pleasure and power and sources both in the dynamic dance of feminine and masculine energy in your soulbody. Once you discover that perfect balance… you can embody it and bring it forward into the world. 

Ready to Embody the New Paradigm of Pleasurable Power?


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These episodes will support you as a spiritual and creative woman to:

  • Reclaim your power in the places where the dominant culture has made it forbidden and taboo
  • Access pleasure in your body and create it in your life
  • Learn how pleasure, power, and money can create the world we want to live in
  • Move beyond “burnout mode” and build the vision of the life you want to step into

The dominant model tells you that you can’t be sexy and smart and respected and a mother and a vixen and rich all at once.

Let’s transform the dominant culture’s dysfunction as we build the new paradigm together.

Join me for this adventure.


Desire Session

The Revolutionary Art of Asking for What you Want & Receiving Unapologetically

Discover your soul's desires & clear what's blocking you from receiving

* Phone Session Includes: Sensual Hypnosis + Akashic Recode $222 *

Embody Soul Purpose

Radiate Confidence, Access your Intution & Live your Purpose

8-week private mentorship Rites of Passage to Embody Soul Purpose Series that supports you to integrate your inner feminine and inner masculine essence to unlock your soul potential

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Hi there, I’m Christel

I am a swearing spiritual teacher, a former people-pleaser turned rebel-truth-teller. I guide spiritual women and empaths to create a pleasure-led legacy of sensual freedom and wealth. oh YES!

I am dedicated to supporting thousands of women, creatives, and spiritual teachers to become Millionaires. Making money is the meaning of life, right? That’s a joke. But seriously, we make positive and life-changing investments when we have abundant financial resources.

I’ve supported thousands of clients and students in awakening the power of the body, mind, and embodied soul purpose since 1991. Are you next?

Pleasurable Money

Embody Pleasure & Create Money Aligned with your Legacy

Includes: Pleasure Body Breath + Sensual Hypnosis + Akashic Recode + Recordings of Pleasurable Money Recode Series

Instant Access to 3 Audio Akashic Recode Transmissions

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