About Christel Arcucci

I believe in you!

You heard the Phrase, “Do What You Love, and the Money Will Follow.”

So You Did What You Love, But the Money Didn’t Follow.

You had a passion and a spiritual calling, and you took a big leap to turn it into a business.

That takes a lot of courage to step into your dream.

But you’re starting to wonder if this is really going to work.

Are you…

  • Tired of wondering if you’ll get enough clients to pay your bills each month?
  • Answering the question “what do you do?” with a 20-minute explanation of your process, and wondering why people aren’t signing up?
  • Feeling yucky about charging for your services, even though you KNOW that they are worth it?
  • Wanting to sell packages or programs, but you don’t know where to start or what to charge?
  • Hitting a lot of fear and resistance, and you don’t know why?
  • Spending time and money on 10 different things to market your business, and not getting results?

What if you had a support system that helped you release the inner resistance AND gave you the practical business skills to create a thriving practice?

My name is Christel Arcucci, and I help spiritual, hearted-centered holistic practitioners make a difference, make money, and stay true to your vision and values.

Years ago, I thought I had to make a “soul contract” to starve in order to be true to myself as a Healing Artist. It took a few years and loads of transformational work to realize that it was a mistake for me to sacrifice myself to my work, and then I had to learn how to create a whole new operating system that supports my life and my business.

I am the founder of the Soul Purpose Network.  I am an International Healer, Artist, Transformational Speaker, Prosperity Coach, & Trainer. I am passionate about empowering women to be seen, heard & financially supported by doing what they love. I developed the Spiritual Art of Wealth Prosperity System to integrate spiritual values with business success. I have supported thousands of clients to align the body, mind, and soul purpose to create vibrant health and the business success they desire since 1991.

I have successfully run an international business for 27 years and I would love to support you to activate the power of your passion and design a soul purpose life and business you love.

I have developed Soul-Centered Prosperity which combines inner transformation with a practical business skill set so that you have everything you need to create a thriving heart-centered business.

Learning how to market while you still have fear or inner resistance doesn’t work. The inner work alone without having a clear message or business skills also keeps you stuck. That is why I help you with both – so that you can make forward movement fast in your business.


Soul-Centered Prosperity Manifesto

My vision for the future is a community of health practitioners, healing artists, and transformational educators expressing their passions to create an integration of spirituality and financial success, what I like to call the Soul Centered Prosperity.

My heart’s deepest longing is to empower and inspire planetary healing, self-expression, and love through heart-centered offerings that support the individual, the collective, and the environment.

This vision comes from my experience as a healing artist, a nature lover, and an entrepreneur that creates positive and powerful change through my life and business.

My business contributes to creating this vision by supporting health practitioners, healing artists and transformational educators to make money and make a difference while staying true to who they are.

I focus on helping my tribe to heal their money wounds and accept abundance because I understand that healers, artists and educators can make a profound impact on the world when they release the “starving artist” or “struggling healer” mindset and receive financial abundance.

As this transformation happens for my tribe I can see healing, art, and education being powerful forces for healing our planet and empowering people in life and business.