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Courageous Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is a COURAGEOUS ENDEAVOR!

It is path of transformation that invites us to explore and adventure into the unknown…
To clarify what we stand for, who we serve, and to share our heart and soul everyday.

I was a kid-preneur and totally dedicated to create a business doing what i love.

For the first 18 years of my business i was successful because of my talent for organizing my unstoppable passion, and skillful communication… i didn’t have any business training.

In 2008 i decided to make a quantum leap in my business and i knew i needed to get training and mentoring to support me. I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and immersed myself in a community of conscious entrepreneurs committed to making a difference. It has been wild ride of education and expansion.

I am on the threshold of my next courageous act of becoming more visible with speaking, more leveraged with LIVE events and group programs, willing to share my writing, and ready to shine the message of my heart-work with video.

What is your next courageous act to support your business growth?

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Relax. Renew. Rebirth.

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 11.21.26 AM

I am learning to take more time off and to unplug from technology.

Simply stating that FEELS SO GOOD!

I love my clients. I feel blessed to help heart centered women entrepreneurs to make a difference in the world. I am totally passionate about my work which makes it easy to work too much.

This weekend i spent my time out on the land, camping under the stars, sitting by the campfire, digging in the dirt, swimming in the pond, laying naked in the sun, and being in community. The vision for this piece of land is to connect with an incredible community whom hold a deep intention to create chosen family and rebuild a sense of tribe in connection with earth.

My intention is to let love in, to feel connected in community and move in sync with earth and her rhythms. This weekend was a powerful opportunity to step into a new story and experience… to relax, renew, and rebirth myself into the spring time. Feeling full, recharged and connected is an essential part of running a divinely designed lifestyle business. Many women entrepreneur make the mistake of believing, “i will enjoy life once my business is successful”, which inevitably creates what i call the “burn-out model of business.” Be sure that your self-care is integrated into the very foundation of your business success.

Please share in the comments:
How do you relax?
What intentions would you like to renew?
Is there a vision you are giving birth to this spring?

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Soul Care Sanctuary

Yes, I am refreshed. I unplugged from ALL technology and soaked, slept, sun bathed, read and hiked at a hot springs retreat center north of San Francisco. Time in nature is an essential tool for me to plug into my soul and my heart. I needed to fill my heart-well, to listen to my soul song, and to dance my dreams into being.

I love my life and my work and the truth is…. recently it feels like i am “going off the rails” with a lot of rapid business growth and personal transformation.

My practices of seated meditation, yoga, and dancing have helped to ground and stabilize me through many massive changes recently including: writing a chapter in a book, planning a LIVE Soul Centered Prosperity event, taking on 6 new clients in 2 weeks and MORE!

I find that most of my clients (and women in general) give up their self-care sanctuary when time gets crunched. As women, we need to be in alignment with our soul to fully activate our power. Daily self-care practices are non-negotiable. I know, i can hear ALL the excuses, believe me i have heard or made every single one.

Dear women, please care for yourself.
Tend to your body, mind, and heart as a sacred temple.
Give to yourself with the greatest unconditional love you can…

When a woman is full she flourishes,
and her family, community, and business flourish too.
When a woman feels heard,
she is better able to access the power of the present moment.
When a woman loves herself
she leads by loving example.
When a woman respects her own needs
she can care for others with greater compassion.
This is the way we will lead the world to change, for Mother Earth and all her creatures.

Share in the comments section about your favorite self-care practices. How do you ensure your self-care sanctuary receives the care and attention it needs?

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