Chiron (aka the Wounded Healer) is a minor planet that highlights the lessons selected as an infinite divine soul in a limited human body experiencing the heaven and hell of life on earth.

Last week was my exact Chiron return.

Not surprisingly, the Chiron return happens about the same time what pop culture calls the “mid-life crisis” highlighting unresolved trauma and un-lived dreams.

There’s a lot of talk of “ascension” teachings which are teaching a transcendent model that can be especially problematic to those with trauma since it can exaggerate dissociation.

Transcending meaning moving beyond the body to awaken or “die to go to heaven” or you need someone outside yourself to “save you” which perpetuates and amplifies the problems of the world by teaching you to “get past or get over” human pain or problems.

My healing path is embodied awakening.

Integrating the shadow = embracing light & dark.

Addressing the mental health & heath care crisis by supporting wounded healers to become empowered healers.

‘Being with’ the pain and pleasure of life on earth.

Seeking understanding with humans I don’t agree with.

Finding common ground in the hot mess of life in 2022.

Loving my imperfect aspects and deepest wounds.

Taking action to live aligned with love and in service to the highest good.

I’m here to offer my soul gifts and make hundreds of millions aligned with love and without apology.

In the last few years It’s been so hard to watch the ‘Divide and Conquer’ strategy working on humanity and wondering if we (humanity) will make it.

The heart breaking separation dividing humans from ourselves, from each other and from love.

Today I declare my commitment to guiding, supporting and celebrating empowered healers, women and LGBT+ folks to make millions, embody wealthy and create the world you imagine in service to the greater good.

This work also repairs our connection to nature through healthy food, breathing fresh air and playing outside.

While it isn’t always easy to be “grateful” for all the years and challenges in facing my “wounded healer” parts, or all the trips to the underworld, or living through hell of health issues, financial crisis, death of loved ones or the intensity of the last 2 years.

My path is living and leading as an empowered healer.

I have struggled with human pain and suffering yet now I am healing, loving and leading at an exponential rate, I feel unstoppable in my life and soul’s mission.

I’m so excited to let you know that the podcast has a new NAME and 2 new episodes of the Embody Wealthy Podcast have dropped!

If you’re a first-time listener, Embody Wealthy Podcast is a show for empaths, healers and spiritual seekers on a path of spiritual business awakening. This is where I share my best trainings so you can make millions, embody wealthy, create the life you imagine i service to the greater good.

Tune in and get comfy soul family!

How many times have you been told talking about money or making a lot of money aren’t spiritual?

This real talk episode focuses on giving you permission to move from survival to stability to thriving financially

I invite you to take a crazy chance on your dream open your receiving channel to making millions. How much positive change could we create as a global network of empowered healers?

There is so much power in your desire AND your resistance.

I invite you to name your desire and resistance in order to discover how light and shadow can work together.

Ready to Embody Wealthy?

Ep 12: Make Millions Experiment & Your Desire
Listen to the full episode on the Embody Wealthy Podcast website

Money is a loaded subject, oh yes! This episode is a public declaration of my purpose to embody wealthy as I guide and support world-changing women to make millions in service to love.

Welcome to today’s deep dive into pain and pleasure and how to use them to create the life you imagine.

Ep 13: Make Millions Recode
Listen to the full episode on the Embody Wealthy Podcast website

This session is an Akashic recode to support you to make millions.

It is incredibly rare that a woman-owned business makes $1 million a year and I am here to change that.

This session is a combination of erotic vocal alchemy, hypnosis and an Akashic recode integrating the power of word, breath and sound.

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Please enjoy — and stay tuned for another heart-expanding embody wealthy episode next week!

With love,

ps Thank you for being on this journey with me and…
BTW Magic Happens and YOU’RE IT!