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wild hair

christel's wild hair
Wild hair:

For a decade I cut my own hair and then I “matured” into having a professional stylist.

Tonight, I embraced my wild woman and my hair and the scissors danced.

wisdom in waiting.

i wondered for weeks… what would happen if i cut a new style?

will i like it?

what if i don’t?

the words & wonderings rolled around in my head until…

inspiration struck.

i stood before the mirror with a comb and scissors in my hand.

snip. snip.

trim. trim.

create the curve & smooth the edges.

i think it like it.

yes i do. 🙂

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Spiritually Aligned Business

Spiritual Art of Wealth

I saw this peacock minutes before I presented my signature talk, “The Spiritual Art of Wealth” at a yoga teacher’s retreat on Saturday near Austin.

When I first started teaching the integration of making money & making a difference with spiritual teachings I was terrified my teachers would be upset. I felt an undeniable drive to support healers and heart-centered service professionals to serve and be financially supported because I know in the core of my being that spiritually aligned business and making money can serve the greater good.

I take a stand for creating change in regards to the Spiritual Art of Wealth. Money can be used for life-enhancing purposes, it is powerful vehicle to create change. I believe artists, healers, teachers, & visionaries can align with the flow of money & wealth in service to positive transformation AND we need as many full activated healers engaged in creating positive change on the planet right now!!!!!

When you take a stand for what you do and powerfully and authentically share your message you create a movement and you are magnetic! What do you stand for? What would you change if you had the power to create global change?

I stand for the healing and integration of creative spirituality & business success. The divine dance of the feminine & masculine. The celebration and empowerment of the right & left hemispheres of the brain. Embracing the light & dark within each of us. Honoring the cycle of birth & death.

May each of us align our message with our vision to create powerful change. As we show up in service to the greater good may we open the channels to receive the physical, financial and energetic support we need to change the world for the better.

And so it is.

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i fall in love easily

I fall in love easily.
There was a time when I thought this was a problem, I would fall in love with the check out girl, a man walking across the street, a child playing in the park.
I appreciate my ability to love easily and deeply.
I changed my ideas about what needed to happen next… After I fall in love.
I delight in love.
My heart expands every time I fall in love.
I long to love without limits.
I can feel the wave of love that washed over me the moment I opened my heart to love you.
I believe in loving courageously.
I love you.

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Feminine Power & Magic

Express YourFeminine Magic-2
Last year one of my mentors asked me, “How is your Feminine Power expressed?”

I was stuck in an old story that I was “too masculine, too intense, too driven, too direct, TOO MUCH and NOT Feminine”….

Her question sparked powerful healing for me to embody my expression of feminine power. Permission to activate my form of feminine magic and to STOP shaming myself for all the ways in which my expression was wrong, bad, and not good enough.

May all women & men honor & express the way the power of the feminine moves us and longs to be expressed through us.

May we awaken feminine magic for healing and integration of the masculine and feminine.

with love,
Christel Arcucci

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