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Crisis of Meaning

How can you set down the masks that keeps you from expressing who you are?

Where can you expand into being more of who you want to be?

Are you living aligned with your values?

If you had one year to life what would you do differently?

I believe most midlife crisis are a crisis of meaning… What is a crisis of meaning?

Watch the video to find out how to take one courageous step at a time towards your purpose.

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Healing Journey: I am Worthy

Enjoy this Healing Journey to support you to see, feel, know and embody the belief “I AM WORTHY”

Healing Journey – I am Worthy

Our energy and power gets locked up in limiting beliefs, this healing journey is focused on clearing the limiting belief, “I am not worthy of love, health or wealth.”

Unlock the energy locked up inside you… there are often layers that need to be healed and cleared.

You may enjoy this journey more than once to clear the deepest levels of healing available to you now.

I recommend you focus your body-mind on the MAIN area you want to transform, you can always repeat the journey for each area to be cleared.

Healing Journey – I am Worthy

Power Statements:

I am worthy of love, health, wealth.

I am worthy of being, having and doing what I desire.

It is safe to feel love & connection.

It is easy to welcome wealth into my accounts.

I am healthy in body, mind and soul.

Open for healing during this potent 7 minute Audio Healing Journey to reclaim your worthiness.

Healing Journey - I am Worthy - Clear Limiting Belief

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Shadow Work Basics

Shadow Work Basics is a conversation focused on basic principles of shadow work and the questions that often start with, “what is shadow work and where can I start my exploration?”

Join us to explore the foundation principles of our shadow which is being more widely recognized in the world of healing & transformation.

Shadow work explores our unconscious thoughts, beliefs, habits, patterns and wounds. As we learn to embrace challenging emotions and wounded parts of ourselves we are able to integrate the outcast parts of ourselves which is essential on the path of self-love for personal and global healing.

I am excited Julie Balderrama recently interviewed me and our conversation is filled with mind and heart opening insights!

Highlights of the Shadow Work Basics Interview:

  • Step into your ability to say No
  • Tap in to the power hidden in your shadow
  • Learn to embrace your challenging emotions
  • Integrate all parts of you in order to enjoy self-love
  • Life obstacles are gateways to living your Soul Purpose

For more information visit:

Julie Balderrama at Heart Mind Qi

Christel: Unlock the Power of your Purpose in a Soul Purpose Clarity Session & Explore Shadow Work 


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Soul Body Flow Yoga Level 2

Enjoy a 13 minute Soul Body Flow Yoga Practice with Christel.

This yoga practice is best for students with an established practice and understanding of therapeutic alignment. We move through a full body sequence to open and strength all the major muscle groups.

Make sure to listen to your body, breathe deeply, rest when needed and most importantly enjoy the movement of your body, mind and soul.

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Soul Purpose Oracle September 12, 2017

Soul Purpose Oracle Reading from the Wild Wisdom Faery Oracle Deck.

Take a deeper breath.
Soften your face & shoulders.
Ask your inner guidance to pick a card to guide, inspire or uplift you.

Post the number of your choice in the comments below.

You will receive a mini energy healing to support your alignment with your soul purpose.

1 Her Special Place – It is essential that you take time for yourself in a safe, quiet and sacred sanctuary of your own design. What will support you to listen deeply to the sound of your breath? Where can you feel of your heart beating? How can you connect deeply to the message of your inner wisdom. Don’t wait! Create the time and place to go in, release, reset and realign your body, mind and soul.

2 Greenman’s Door (Reversed) – Next week is the autumn equinox where the veil between the worlds is thin and you are invited to rebalance the physical and spiritual in your life. With the card reversed it’s an ideal time to clear away blocks to your personal experience of magic and reconnect with your inner child and sense of play.  Perhaps plan a personal ritual in order to pay attention to magic and playful innocence from the Fairy Realm.

3 Crystal Magic (Reversed) – You are being invited to connect with the magic of sound and movement and you may need to move through your resistance or habits to be able to access the next level of healing power. Enjoy your connection with sound and movement as the integration of your physical, emotional and energetic body which is essential to move beyond the limited self.

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