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Medicine Buddha Mantra for Healing

Medicine Buddha Chant

The Medicine Buddha Mantra is a favorite chant of mine. I woke up chanting this recently yet could not remember what the meaning of the chant. I kept chanting trusting that my soul knows best and often my rational mind can get in the way of deep healing. Later the same day Harbin Hot Springs burned down, thousands of homes were burned and many friends were literally running for their lives. My spirit knew that our community would need DEEP HEALING support that day….

Harbin Hot Springs has been a Soul Healing Sanctuary for me for over 10 years, a place i would go to connect to the soft voice of my inner wisdom, listen to nature, soak deeply in the healing springs and SLOW DOWN!

May humans come into a balanced way of living with each other and nature. May the healing springs rise from the ashes.

Here is a translation of the Medicine Buddha Chant that i resonate with.

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