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Year Long Dance Party #33

christel arcucci dancing

It’s day #33 of my year long dance party, woooohhhhooooo!

I made a commitment to dance every day for 1 year in order to activate my creativity daily for juicy and full expression in my life and business.

I moved to the SF Bay Area almost 5 years ago after leading yoga teacher trainings over-seas. i have been very focused on building my business skills by studying everything i can get my hands on in regards to marketing, sales, branding, video, copy-writing…. blah blah blah. Yes, all of this important yet i found myself disconnected from my creativity. i am excited to take my business success to the next level now that i have systems and strategies that are foundational for a successful business (more on this later.) I have gotten a lot of push back for different communities and friends that are illustrating long held limiting beliefs like:
“you cannot be spiritual and successful”
“you should not charge for your skills as a healer/artist/teacher”
“sales and marketing are sleazy”
“your website makes you look like a charlatan”

In the last few months i have been speaking a LOT about my desire to empower holistic professionals to make a living doing what they love. I want to make a difference in the world by motivating healers, artists, and educators to end the “struggling healer” cycle and the banishing the “starving artist” story.

So you may be wondering….. what does this have to do with dancing?

All of the information i have gathered about business is only helpful if i find the way that it best serves my community and resonates with my message and mission. There have been many times i have fallen on my face in the last few years in seeking the place of authenticity in bridging business + spirituality + creativity.

Dancing gives me the freedom to express myself and move without concern for getting it right or what it looks like. It allows me to move energy, to experiment, to explore, to express, to playfully find the place of deep connection to my power, my passion, and my mission.

I find myself dancing more… playing more… exploring more outside of the “dancing time” i set aside each day. it feels delicious and is awakening my unstoppable, creative, and courageous self. mmmmmmmhhhhmmmmmmm.

Tell me in the comments how do you activate your creative spark daily?

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Transform your Limiting Beliefs about Money

Many of us have experiences of having a lot of having money and not knowing where the rent money is coming from.

Money beliefs are created based upon where you grew up, your families ideas and experiences about money developed your perspectives, ideas, and money beliefs.

Perspectives and programmed ideas on money in our culture/world:

“Money is the root of all evil.”
“Money would solve all my problems.”
Time is money.”
“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”
“Money isn’t spiritual.”
prosperity coach

Shifting our wealth consciousness in order to manifest money and create financial freedom is rooted in the balancing and clearing our first and second chakras. This invites us to shift limiting money beliefs and thoughts about money, and to shift our perspective to believe our needs are important and will be take care of.

Famous people’s money beliefs:

“While money can’t buy happiness, it certainly lets you choose your own form of misery,” Groucho Marx.

“A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned,” Benjamin Franklin.

“Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination,” Oscar Wilde.

Most of us have many conflicting voices in our heads that reflect our limiting money beliefs and each one seems to have “the answer.” You will see “the right answer” is different depending upon which character you ask.

I made this FUN video to illustrate the often opposite perspectives, different ideas, attitudes, and money beliefs.

Post in the comments, which character can you most relate to?

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Lone wolf seeking playful pack

“We must be willing to get rid of the life we have planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” Joseph Campbell

i have been a lone wolf all my life.

nixxphotography at

nixxphotography at

i spent my time childhood creating ceremony connected to nature. i loved being creative with writing, reading, playing outdoors and i thrived in physical activities. I struggled with loads of health issues and did my best to navigate family dysfunction (join the club right?!)

i grew up playing solitary sports: gymnastics, tennis, spring board diving, and sprinting in track. (i was high jumper too. at 5’2″ my gymnastics training helped me JUMP HIGH… this is a story for another day.)

At 18, i hit the road and began wandering the US gypsy-style. i played music in the streets, designed & sold jewelry, offered healing sessions, and imported goods from mexico to sell at festivals. I was committed to creating life on my own terms. This developed my entrepreneurial skills and yet also amplified my rebellious “i can do it by myself” protection strategy.

I am a freepsirit. i enjoy traveling and living solo. i am fiercely independent.
and yet
I long for evolutionary, authentic, and affectionate relationships.

My lone wolf story is now a self-fulfilling prophecy of loneliness. I am writing a new story. I am re-programming my subconscious to open and receive loving & creative community.

I AM HOWLING TO FIND MY PACK! Can you hear me?!

It may not be graceful as i share my message, uncover the truths i have kept hidden, shift my image, let go of walls that have kept me safe and removed from you and my tribe. This will likely be messy and you may question me and my sanity. As i see it, this is the only way for me to come out of hiding and find my pack.

i am committed to shine my authentic light.

i am willing to meet my shadow.

i will find my way out of this self-created prison.

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My year long dance party

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 11.27.54 AMOn August 19th I decided to do something radical… i made a commitment to dance every day no matter what! YES, no matter what.

This may not seem that radical since you may already know I LOVE TO DANCE. I could have chosen a 30 day or even 90 day commitment yet something inside of me wanted a DEEP & POTENT container to awaken and engage my creativity every day. i long for a place to move through and with my fears/emotions/patterns/ecstasy over a long period of time, so i made the commitment to dance every day for ONE YEAR! wwwooohhhooo.

You may wonder… what does dancing have to do with creativity? I am an un-trained dancer, meaning i have never taken dance classes until this year. i love to move, shake, express, jump, hop, shimmy, hoop, roll, move wildly, tip-toe softly, make things up and dance like nobody is watching. Ecstatic dance is a container that allows me to be myself and move through and with ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING i feel. for me, dance is totally liberating. instead of dancing once or twice per month when i make it to the gatherings, i am ecstatic dancing daily!

Today marks day #22 in my year long dance party and i have discovered, uncovered and learned so much about myself and my dedication to dance already.

Some days have been full-on with dance music pumping, my body-mind jumping, heart pumping, booty shaking dance party in my living room.

During my 4 day camping trip a few weeks ago i explored dancing in the wilderness and i was fascinated by what emerged during these dances. (stay tuned for the wilderness dance video)

There have been a couple late nights with soft music playing, candles burning, slow moving, a meditation in motion.

This past friday night i got dressed up for a dance party in my living room and had a blast dancing in my fancy dress, golden sparkly shoes and gold belt.

My intention to show up daily and discover new ways to explore and express my creativity has been 100% delicious. i have found the depth of my commitment to show up and dance is so powerful and non-negotiable already. YAY! this is exactly what i wanted.

Please share in the comments, how do you like to express your creativity through movement?

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