Embodied Spiritual Practice: (8 minute video practice)

Movement, breath, sound and touch personal power – third chakra practices. Clear blocks and transform core wounds to live your purpose with power and pleasure.

The solar plexus is the third chakra below the curve of rib cage and above the navel. The diaphragm is a deep muscle inside that aids breathing and supports the power of the voice.

In working with thousands of women it’s urgent for women to clear and transform this common block in your relationship with power.

Micro practices done throughout the day can awaken power and pleasure.

Enjoy these embodied transformational practices to shift out of the victim/perpetrator/rescuer triangle, aka VPR, Trauma Triangle, Drama Triangle, or Karpman Triangle (Warning, this is a super old school website from the creator of this common teaching aka the source.)

Personal Power – Third Chakra Practice to end the VPR Cycle

The solar plexus is where personal power often gets blocked, held, or limited. Shallow breathing or limited ability to express your voice are often signs you’re stuck in the relationship Drama Triangle. The points in the triangle represent the victim, perpetrator, or rescuer. Almost all relationships, including TV, movies and books, unconsciously or consciously, relate in a struggle for power.

The victim is the one who gives power away; the perpetrator takes power over, and the rescuer swoops in to save the day in an alternative version of power over but in a way that seems good and right.

Operating in a dysfunctional power struggle is not an inter-dependent way of relating, it’s fucked.

You can play out this dynamic with other people, and all by yourself. Your inner bully (aka perpetrator) can verbally beat up on the inner victim. The first step in resetting this dysfunctional power struggle is to recognize how you do this to yourself and change the internal pattern FIRST!

Clear soul level blocks and core wounds in order to experience clarity and awaken personal power – third chakra in service to the highest good. Find greater freedom and enjoyment in your life.

This episode of the podcast is a good place to start Soul Purpose Podcast Episode 6 – Self Talk and Unconditional Love.

Breath of Fire – Activate your Power

This practice unlocks energy stuck in your power center with a simple breath practice. Be sure to listen to your body and distinguish between an enjoyable challenge and pushing too hard or fast, which can make you feel light-headed or dizzy.

Loosen up the energy with the Breath of Fire, an easy inhale followed by a powerful “HA” exhale. If you an unfamiliar with this practice, start slowly and gently.

Place your hands on your solar plexus and feel the power and heat building.

Stoke your inner fire to move blocked energy.

The exhale is active while the inhale is passive. You can vocalize and the sound or you can just let out a powerful exhale.

A relaxed inhale and powerful exhale that stokes the fire of this power center, to be in our personal power and relate to people in a “power with” dynamic.

If you’re more experienced with this practice, you can do it several rounds or up to two minutes before you pause.

Movement Practice – Standing Gentle Twist

2 options to practice this one with the lower body turning or upper body turning.

#1 You can turn your lower body by letting your socks slide on wood or tile floor.

#2 Keep your feet stable and move your upper body with your legs are straight but not locked.

If the second option makes you feel dizzy, keep your head centered and just turn the upper body.

I like to do both exercises since the movement works into the solar plexus from above and below. Twisting gives an opportunity to loosen up the muscles around the center of your torso, spine and ribcage. In this practice, you’re working the energy body and physical body, which creates lasting access to your personal power in the third charka.

Access your Power with breath, sound, movement & touch

Next, wake up the solar plexus with a gentle massage on your abdomen. You can gently glide your hands over your body or work with the amount of pressure that feels good to you. I love feeling hands moving around to wake my body up.

Give your body love with self massage.

If like deeper work, use your fingertips to curl around under the ribcage.

The VPR triangle that I spoke about is common in psychology, in psychology, the victim perpetrator and rescuer. Ideally you aren’t relating on that level. Study each connection to discover how you can skillfully shift your relationships  to a ‘power with’ relationship. Instead of giving your power away or taking somebody else’s power or rescuing them.

Personal Power – Third Chakra Practice: Power Statements

Focus on being in relationship with yourself, loved ones, community and even your damn enemies in a ‘power with’ dynamic.

Place your hands on your solar plexus and speak power statement. Power statements feel true for you, which differs from an affirmation which often you have to repeat for weeks, months or even years before you believe it.

Come into stance of power with your feet a little wider than your hips, toes pointed straight ahead. Speak the following statements aloud as declarations of how you’re using power.

I engage in “power with” relationships.
My power serves the greater good of all beings.
I engage my power to support all beings, including myself.

Sometimes you are your greatest critic and the hardest and or the meanest to yourself. Is your self-talk kind or taking power from yourself and not being on your team?

If you wouldn’t say something you’re thinking to a small child or someone you love, don’t say it to yourself!

May these practices shift your relationship with power can a force of good in the world. Practice with the power of destruction, as an essential aspect of awakening consciousness.Transform your relationship with power so you can use your power as a force of good in the world.

When you work to clear blocks on all levels mental, physical, energetic, spiritual, that’s where the most powerful shifts and transformation happens.

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