Year Long Dance Party #33

christel arcucci dancing

It’s day #33 of my year long dance party, woooohhhhooooo!

I made a commitment to dance every day for 1 year in order to activate my creativity daily for juicy and full expression in my life and business.

I moved to the SF Bay Area almost 5 years ago after leading yoga teacher trainings over-seas. i have been very focused on building my business skills by studying everything i can get my hands on in regards to marketing, sales, branding, video, copy-writing…. blah blah blah. Yes, all of this important yet i found myself disconnected from my creativity. i am excited to take my business success to the next level now that i have systems and strategies that are foundational for a successful business (more on this later.) I have gotten a lot of push back for different communities and friends that are illustrating long held limiting beliefs like:
“you cannot be spiritual and successful”
“you should not charge for your skills as a healer/artist/teacher”
“sales and marketing are sleazy”
“your website makes you look like a charlatan”

In the last few months i have been speaking a LOT about my desire to empower holistic professionals to make a living doing what they love. I want to make a difference in the world by motivating healers, artists, and educators to end the “struggling healer” cycle and the banishing the “starving artist” story.

So you may be wondering….. what does this have to do with dancing?

All of the information i have gathered about business is only helpful if i find the way that it best serves my community and resonates with my message and mission. There have been many times i have fallen on my face in the last few years in seeking the place of authenticity in bridging business + spirituality + creativity.

Dancing gives me the freedom to express myself and move without concern for getting it right or what it looks like. It allows me to move energy, to experiment, to explore, to express, to playfully find the place of deep connection to my power, my passion, and my mission.

I find myself dancing more… playing more… exploring more outside of the “dancing time” i set aside each day. it feels delicious and is awakening my unstoppable, creative, and courageous self. mmmmmmmhhhhmmmmmmm.

Tell me in the comments how do you activate your creative spark daily?

Posted on: September 20th, 2013 8 Comments