Navigate Conflict without Creating Drama

Have you even been shamed for being too intense and emotional?

I recently had an online conflict with a man I don’t know.

It was instigated from a post I shared on social media asking about online dating profiles of men that seem unwilling/unable/uninterested to handle the intensity of emotions.

I want to be clear that this message is NOT saying that all men are bad (they are not) yet I have found a core wound in our current paradigm that has wounded MEN & WOMEN and creates a common belief that intense emotions are bad.

This video is a real time conversation about a disagreement between Christel Arcucci & Ken Blackman.

A conflict arose in the thread below my Facebook post,
“Online dating profile question: What does it mean when men write, “I don’t like drama.”

What it means to me is “I don’t know how to handle the intensity of a woman’s emotions/or I don’t want to… in which case I am not interested.

What’s your perspective?”

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In the thread it became clear we disagreed on a core concept in our respective coaching practices and it was also clear that writing on a FB thread was an unlikely place to resolve the conflict…. so I reached out to Ken to see if he would be open to explore the conversation on video to share with you. He said yes and here is the conversation!

Check out the interview: How to Navigate Conflict without Creating Drama

with love & the power of awakening,
christel xxo

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