Loving the Shadows in your Soul

I had the pleasure to Interview Carl John about his recently released book, album and audio book called “The Journey Home.”
On the Sacred Body Ruch Life show he describes a series of jaw-dropping external exploits and fascinating inner experiences with twists and turns that ultimately reveal his natural healing gifts and true purpose, our oneness, and the reason for our suffering.
We talk about the “Dark side of the Soul” and how he learned to transform his life and learn to serve others with sound, music and healing along the way.
The Journey Home is an intimate performance interweaving live music and stories of self-discovery and lessons of faith.
Through his unique blend of soul-healing music, words and song, Carl John takes the audience on a fascinating journey from a life of material wealth and the pursuit of pleasure through near-destitution.
Laced with humor, sex, mysticism, and addiction, this acoustic satsang is one you will never forget.

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