Manifest in Life & Business

Manifest in Life & Business

Real talk about how to manifest in your life and business.

Step One: Clearly articulate what you want

Step Two: Actively clear the physical, mental, emotion and energetic path in order to receive what you want

In this video I share a recent experience of discovering a block to manifesting what I want in my business.

Stay tuned for updates as this story unfolds!

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Healing Journey to Self-Love

Enjoy this Self-Love Healing Journey to support you to see, feel, know and embody the belief


Healing Journey – I am Lovable

Our energy and power gets locked up in limiting beliefs, this self-love healing journey is focused on clearing the limiting belief, “I am unlovable.”

Unlock the energy locked up inside you… there are often layers that need to be healed and cleared.

You may enjoy this journey more than once to clear the deepest levels of healing available to you now.

I recommend you focus your body-mind on the MAIN area you want to transform, you can always repeat the journey for each area to be cleared.

Self-Love Healing Journey – I am Lovable

Power Statements:

I am worthy of love, health, wealth.

I am worthy of being, having and experiencing LOVE.

It is safe to feel love & connection.

It is easy to welcome love into my relationships and interactions.

I love all parts of myself.

Open for healing during this potent 12 minute Audio Healing Journey to remember you are lovable.

Hypnosis - Self-Love Healing Journey

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Manifest Money with Ease & Grace

Manifest Money with Clear Structure & Creative Flow

Manifesting money is the most common item that I see spiritual business women working on since it is fundamental to support all areas of life & business.

Let’s talk about essential ingredients of Structure & Flow in order to manifest money.

A healthy relationship with money depends on the integration of our inner masculine and inner feminine.

Structure is an expression of the divine masculine while creative flow is an expression of feminine energy.

If you are not where you would like to be in your relationship with money I encourage you to focus on creating clear structure for the creative flow of money into your life and all your accounts.

A dedicated focus on healing and balancing the Inner Masculine & Feminine will support you to manifest what you desire most.

Step One: Create a Clear Structure to Manifest Money

A clear container for your relationship with money is essential to create financial freedom.

What is the structure of your relationship with money?

How you feel about money?

What pathways are available for you to receive and spend money?

Are you showing up Monday through Friday and engaging in your relationship with money?

Where you keep your money? (not only the physical money but also your bank accounts)

These questions all help clarify your structure for a healthy & prosperous relationship with money.


Step Two: Creative Flow to Manifest Money

Create Flow to Manifest Money: Cultivate clear pathways that the energy of money can freely flow into and out of your accounts.

Flow also relates to your creativity whether you are working or running a business.

How do you creatively engage in the process of money flowing in and money flowing out?

Are you open to and seeking new opportunities?

Are you regularly clearing out possessions, people & habits that you no longer need in your life?

Do you pay your bills on time and with gratitude?

When you spend money are you feeling good about participating in the creative flow of money?


A healthy thriving relationship with money depends on clear structures, creative flow and active participation of your body, mind, heart and soul

When we come into alignment with our Soul Purpose and serve the highest good through our personal healing we can manifest money & opportunities with ease and grace.

Manifest Money & Soul Purpose Wealth

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Manifest Money Practice

Do you believe it’s possible to have a relationship with money that is enjoyable, fun and playful?

Watch this quick video to Manifest Money and do the Money Mantra practice, it’s quick, fun and playful.

This practice will transform your money blocks with the power of sound & vibration. Pay attention as limiting beliefs dissolve in your mind as you repeat the sacred mantra.

I have a non-traditional approach to supporting women  transform your relationship with money that works! I know you may be wondering, “Can transforming money blocks and dissolving limiting beliefs be fun?”

I say a full body-mind-soul=Yes!

I invite you to do this practice FULL ON and let yourself keep going until you start laughing!

You may have to practice a few times before you can let yourself play full out and I promise it will be worth the effort.

Please post your questions and celebrations in the comments below this post.

If you enjoyed that and are ready for more transformational tools to heal your relationship with money, check out the Spiritual Art of Wealth Course  For Heart-Centered Women, Healers, Coaches & Teachers who are ready to Create Financial Freedom in Alignment with Soul Purpose

Manifest Money

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Soul Purpose Oracle ~ November Crystal Codes

Soul Purpose Oracle Reading from the Sacred Crystal Codes Deck

*The more specific your question the more potent the answer*

Take a deeper breath.
Soften your face & shoulders.
Ask the Sacred Crystals and your inner guidance to pick a card to guide, inspire or uplift you.

Post the number of your choice in the comments below.
You will receive a mini energy healing to support your alignment with your soul purpose.


Sacred Crystal Codes Oracle Reading

Thank you for joining me this week. Please let me know how this lands for you! 🙂 Are there any additional insights you would like to add?

Take a deep breath as you open and receive the message from the Sacred Crystal Codes Deck. Listen to your inner guidance and intuitive feelings and move beyond the logical mind.

#1 Rebirth
What can you let go of that no longer serves you? You are invited to awaken the dormant gifts that are waiting to be activated in your body, mind & being. Follow your inspiration and take action to clear out the old and activate what is in alignment with your soul purpose.

#2 Protection
You are ready for the next evolution in your healing journey. Protection & boundaries are an important aspect of living in this intense time of human evolution. Is there someone or something you need or want to forgive that will allow an even great expression of your purpose? Take time to explore any contracts or agreements you have made with yourself or others and decide is they still serve the You that You are becoming.

#3 Guilt
Listen to your intuition and follow your soul path. Purify and protect yourself from the thoughts, feelings and projections of others onto you. It is essential that you remain steadfast in your journey of living in alignment with your purpose knowing that people you love may not always support you. How can you stay open and connected yet not let disapproval or questioning from loved ones deter your from your path of truth?

ps: the beautiful Sacred Crystal Codes deck is created by Patricia Missakian of the Akashic Records Institute

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