The Healing Power of Empathy

Have you ever considered the healing power of empathy? Or wondered about the possibility of ecstatic empathy, wait what?!

I know, it sounds crazy but check this out!

Do you consider yourself a highly sensitive person (HSP) or an empath?

“An empath is a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.”

I will share a healing audio journey to experience ecstatic empathy with you and first I’d like to share a story that ignited my passion to activate the gifts of being an empath and navigate the challenges more gracefully.

In 2005 I attended a bodywork training with Judith Aston which RADICALLY changed my experience of being an empath.

I broke down in tears when my practice partner didn’t honor a request I made. 

Judith took me into a private room and gently said, “You remind me of my younger self. I want you to know that your sensitivity is a gift even when you don’t see it that way. The challenge with being sensitive is that you will feel what other people don’t feel and the beauty is that you will feel what others don’t feel.”

WOW! A blast of expanded awareness that opened my eyes and heart to a whole new way to see, engage and enjoy being an empath. 

Here is a taste of the ecstatic empathy practice that was born from that moment of awakening.

Ecstatic Empathy is awakened through shared delight, awe, wonder and love

If you are highly sensitive and you feel what other people feel, I want you to experience the beautiful gift of ecstatic empathy instead of the more common experience of overwhelm, shut down or isolation.

This healing audio journey invites you into a sacred space to ground, center and feel in order to heal. You are invited to feel intensity of challenging emotions AND the elating of ecstatic emotions.

Please enjoy this healing practice as we open the pathway to experience ecstatic empathy.

Click the link to listen & please post any insights or questions in the comments on the blog.

Sacred Body Rich Life: Ecstatic Empathy Healing Audio Journey


I would be honored to support you to Heal your Body, Master your Mind and Awaken your Soul Purpose.

Let’s open the door for you, your desire, and your purpose to take center stage.

When you are alignment with your vision, values and soul purpose you are in the flow where there is no resistance and no struggle.

You will experience tranformational shifts in our health, relationships & finances.

If this invitation resonates with your soul, I invite you to sign up now.

Ready to dive more deeply in a one-to-one Soul Success Design Session <<<< click here

You + me + your soul’s deepest longing = clear the path to manifest your dreams


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Soul Purpose Oracle October 5, 2017

Dragonfae Oracle

Soul Purpose Oracle Reading from the Oracle of the Dragonfae Deck

Take a deeper breath.
Soften your face & shoulders.
Ask the Dragonfae Soul Purpose Oracle and your inner guidance to pick a card to guide, inspire or uplift you.
The more specific your question the more potent the answer.

Post the number of your choice in the comments below.

You will receive a mini energy healing to support your alignment with your soul purpose.
Open to receive the guidance from the Dragonfae you picked for this reading. Does the message resonate? Does the image hold additional insight for you? Let me know 🙂

#1 The Lady Alfreda – Justice will prevail
Make decisions, act in integrity, keep your word, be honest and upfront and expect the same from others. Now is an essential time to face your shadow in order to transform the collective unconscious. Stay the course and remember that justice will prevail.

#2 The Wild Huntress – Face your Shadow (My favorite card in this deck!)
Balance and clear any karmic ties that bind you to old patterns of self-sabotage in order to stand in your power to do what is right in the name of justice. This time in her-story is a massive wake up call to embrace your shadow aspects which hold potential and power you have disowned. You are a spiritual warrior on a mission and it’s your time to RISE UP!

#3 Chenguang – Be Light of Heart
It’s time for you to take pause and set aside serious work in order to play, laugh and love. You are totally supported in your exploration of the esoteric arts after your recent soul initiation. You can now transform your environment and uplift everyone around you with your gentle power and delightful pure heart.

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Crisis of Meaning

How can you set down the masks that keeps you from expressing who you are?

Where can you expand into being more of who you want to be?

Are you living aligned with your values?

If you had one year to life what would you do differently?

I believe most midlife crisis are a crisis of meaning… What is a crisis of meaning?

Watch the video to find out how to take one courageous step at a time towards your purpose.

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Healing Journey: I am Worthy

Enjoy this Healing Journey to support you to see, feel, know and embody the belief “I AM WORTHY”

Unlock the power of the energy locked up in the belief “I am unworthy & not worthy of Love”

Open for healing during this potent 7 minute Audio Healing Journey

I am Worthy Healing Journey

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Shadow Work Basics

Shadow Work Basics is a conversation focused on basic principles of shadow work and the questions that often start with, “what is shadow work and where can I start my exploration?”

Join us to explore the foundation principles of our shadow which is being more widely recognized in the world of healing & transformation.

Shadow work explores our unconscious thoughts, beliefs, habits, patterns and wounds. As we learn to embrace challenging emotions and wounded parts of ourselves we are able to integrate the outcast parts of ourselves which is essential on the path of self-love for personal and global healing.

I am excited Julie Balderrama recently interviewed me and our conversation is filled with mind and heart opening insights!

Highlights of the Shadow Work Basics Interview:

  • Step into your ability to say No
  • Tap in to the power hidden in your shadow
  • Learn to embrace your challenging emotions
  • Integrate all parts of you in order to enjoy self-love
  • Life obstacles are gateways to living your Soul Purpose

For more information visit:

Julie Balderrama at Heart Mind Qi

Christel: Unlock the Power of your Purpose in a Soul Purpose Clarity Session & Explore Shadow Work 


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Soul Body Flow Yoga Level 2

Enjoy a 13 minute Soul Body Flow Yoga Practice with Christel.

This yoga practice is best for students with an established practice and understanding of therapeutic alignment. We move through a full body sequence to open and strength all the major muscle groups.

Make sure to listen to your body, breathe deeply, rest when needed and most importantly enjoy the movement of your body, mind and soul.

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Soul Purpose Oracle September 12, 2017

Soul Purpose Oracle Reading from the Wild Wisdom Faery Oracle Deck.

Take a deeper breath.
Soften your face & shoulders.
Ask your inner guidance to pick a card to guide, inspire or uplift you.

Post the number of your choice in the comments below.

You will receive a mini energy healing to support your alignment with your soul purpose.

1 Her Special Place – It is essential that you take time for yourself in a safe, quiet and sacred sanctuary of your own design. What will support you to listen deeply to the sound of your breath? Where can you feel of your heart beating? How can you connect deeply to the message of your inner wisdom. Don’t wait! Create the time and place to go in, release, reset and realign your body, mind and soul.

2 Greenman’s Door (Reversed) – Next week is the autumn equinox where the veil between the worlds is thin and you are invited to rebalance the physical and spiritual in your life. With the card reversed it’s an ideal time to clear away blocks to your personal experience of magic and reconnect with your inner child and sense of play.  Perhaps plan a personal ritual in order to pay attention to magic and playful innocence from the Fairy Realm.

3 Crystal Magic (Reversed) – You are being invited to connect with the magic of sound and movement and you may need to move through your resistance or habits to be able to access the next level of healing power. Enjoy your connection with sound and movement as the integration of your physical, emotional and energetic body which is essential to move beyond the limited self.

Do you love the Wild Wisdom Faery Oracle Deck?

Purchase a deck for your collection here & Amazon will pay me for sharing with you. A smart tip to make money sharing products you love, it’s called affiliate marketing.

Click here to buy your deck: Faery Magic Activate me NOW! 😉

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Release Resistance to Find Easy Aligned Actions

The golden key to massive healing and transformation since the “Great American Eclipse on August 21st….
drum roll please 😉


No more struggle against what I don’t want to see about myself, my relationships or my business!

I can see VERY CLEARLY the changes to be made to live in alignment with my soul purpose.

Many of the insights are painful and hard to accept yet the magic has been in embracing my shadow, asking for guidance and taking aligned IMMEDIATE ACTION!

Join me for more insights to Unlock the Pleasure of your Soul Purpose & Clear the Source of What Holds you Back!

Reclaim your Intuition: Trust your creativity, manifestation power & receptivity.

Stand in your Power with presence, focus, soul-centered strategy to end burnout.


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Access Heaven in your Body-mind

Access heaven through the sweet connection of your body-mind.

Where does your nervous system settle, relax & recharge?

My body-mind says YES OH YES THIS IS HOME where there are more trees than people, big sky and open water.

Free registration for the upcoming training called Unlock the Pleasure of your Soul Purpose:

Reclaim your Intuition
Trust your powers of creativity, allowing, manifestation & receiving.

Stand in your Power
Embody presence, focus, soul-centered strategy to end the burn out cycle.

Transform Blocks into Brilliance
Your life success resides in the unique blend your passion, life challenges, soul purpose and natural talents.

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Uncover your Soul Purpose

Access the 5 essential elements to living in alignment with your purpose.

In this quick training video I answer a couple of the most common questions people ask me about purpose:

  1. What is the difference between purpose, life purpose and soul purpose?
  2. How do I find my purpose?

Watch this 17 minute video to Uncover your Soul Purpose:

Free registration for the upcoming Masterclass: Unlock the Pleasure of your Soul Purpose:

Reclaim your Intuition
Trust your powers of creativity, allowing, manifestation & receiving.
Stand in your Power
Embody presence, focus, soul-centered strategy to end the burn out cycle.
Transform Blocks into Brilliance
Your life success resides in the unique blend your passion, life challenges, soul purpose and natural talents.

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Unspoken Truth about the Coaching Biz

Christel & Julia have a real conversation (in a gorgeous location BTW) about the dark side of the coaching biz.

How can we have healthy relationships in coach/client or teacher/student relationships?

What transformation is possible?

How can we do our best to steer clear of the pitfalls of losing ourself in a coaching connection?

This video was a BLAST to film… how do you have fun with your friends? 😉

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Self Love as Time to Pause

Today is the day I finally stopped at a gorgeous spot in nature….
under a grand oak tree in view of the water.

I have walked by this spot in nature hundreds of times times
yet I have always been focused on where I was “going”
until today, when I finally stopped to settle into the beauty of being.

How often do you give yourself the gift of PAUSE?

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Loving the Shadows in your Soul

I had the pleasure to Interview Carl John about his recently released book, album and audio book called “The Journey Home.”
On the Sacred Body Ruch Life show he describes a series of jaw-dropping external exploits and fascinating inner experiences with twists and turns that ultimately reveal his natural healing gifts and true purpose, our oneness, and the reason for our suffering.
We talk about the “Dark side of the Soul” and how he learned to transform his life and learn to serve others with sound, music and healing along the way.
The Journey Home is an intimate performance interweaving live music and stories of self-discovery and lessons of faith.
Through his unique blend of soul-healing music, words and song, Carl John takes the audience on a fascinating journey from a life of material wealth and the pursuit of pleasure through near-destitution.
Laced with humor, sex, mysticism, and addiction, this acoustic satsang is one you will never forget.

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Healing Childhood Trauma

On some level, Rosey knew she was a disappointment out of the womb since she was not the boy her parents wanted.

She loved being me, and I loved being female. Coming from a highly dysfunctional home, she was often able to just wander away. Forgotten, yet that was probably just as well.

Survival kicked-in. she started learning the game. “Be charming, please, avoid conflict. Lose yourself to take care of yourself – no one else will.”

Rosey’s salve became her popularity at school and some power as a female leader. Her life unfolded with some hard hits, caused by culture, fate, narcissists, and personal choice. There were many great adventures and love, lost love and some more hits, followed by interesting adventures.

Today, at almost 64, she is grateful everyday, satisfied in life, love and generally a “happy camper” and healing the wounds that remain.

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How to Love after Loss

I am excited to share an amazing conversation I had with Nanybel Salazar about loving after loss and dispelling the myths about love that no longer serve us!

Nanybel is committed to love and in her explorations of loving relationships she learned about her fears in order to become resilient through the sorrow and grief of divorce and lost love.

We talk about mindset shifts needed to keep your heart open so you can be vulnerable and fall in love again.

She shares unedited truth she discovered about life and relationships so that people stop and think, unlearn taboos and myths, re-learn the truth and make more conscious choices.

Nanybel’s dream is to help decrease break ups and the divorce rate in the world by helping men and women to create healthy relationships from the start.

For more information visit:

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Ready to Book Speaking Engagements?

I was recently interviewed for an article about How to Land Speaking Gigs By Tor Refsland

What’s your #1 tip for landing high-profile speaking gigs?

My number one tip for landing speaking engagements is to speak, embody breathe and BE the magic power of your business every moment you are working in and on your business. Your presence and power will attract opportunities to speak on a variety of stages in person and online.

My first speaking engagement lead a $10,000 client agreement, I started public speaking before i thought I ready yet I was courageous enough to start, I haven’t looked back. Embodied Confidence and delivering real world value from stage have been keys to my success.

How long did it take you to get there?

My speaker training started when I attended my first Yoga Teacher Training in 1999. I hired my first speaking coach in 2009 when I decided to pursue speaking outside of teaching. I am always actively seeking to improve my speaking and presentation skills with vocal and embodiment training and with the main focus being SPEAK, BROADCAST & PERFORM AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

Check out the Full Article Here: How to Land Speaking Gigs

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Navigate Conflict without Creating Drama

Have you even been shamed for being too intense and emotional?

I recently had an online conflict with a man I don’t know.

It was instigated from a post I shared on social media asking about online dating profiles of men that seem unwilling/unable/uninterested to handle the intensity of emotions.

I want to be clear that this message is NOT saying that all men are bad (they are not) yet I have found a core wound in our current paradigm that has wounded MEN & WOMEN and creates a common belief that intense emotions are bad.

This video is a real time conversation about a disagreement between Christel Arcucci & Ken Blackman.

A conflict arose in the thread below my Facebook post,
“Online dating profile question: What does it mean when men write, “I don’t like drama.”

What it means to me is “I don’t know how to handle the intensity of a woman’s emotions/or I don’t want to… in which case I am not interested.

What’s your perspective?”

Click here to see or comment on the original Facebook post

In the thread it became clear we disagreed on a core concept in our respective coaching practices and it was also clear that writing on a FB thread was an unlikely place to resolve the conflict…. so I reached out to Ken to see if he would be open to explore the conversation on video to share with you. He said yes and here is the conversation!

Check out the interview: How to Navigate Conflict without Creating Drama

with love & the power of awakening,
christel xxo

Please share, comment & like the video.

If you have questions please ask in the comments below this post or under the video

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Open & Heal your Heart

Fourth Chakra Practice: Quick practice to open and heal your heart center.

Heart healing practice to expand your capacity to love ourselves and experience deeper love and connection in all our relationships.

Post comments or insights below this video.

Sacred Body & Rich Life Free Video Training Series to support you to to Transform Core Wounds into Soul Wisdom.

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Soul Purpose Oracle July 27, 2017

Soul Purpose Oracle Reading from the Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Deck:

Take a deeper breath.
Soften your face & shoulders.
Ask your inner guidance to pick a card to guide, inspire or uplift you.

Post the number of your choice in the comments below.

You will receive a mini energy healing to support your alignment with your soul purpose.

Wisdom of Avalon Oracle

#1 The Owl – Deception or Wisdom?
The Owl can see in the dark and cut through illusions and reveal the real truth. What area of your life or relationships is your inner wisdom guiding you yet may not be pay attention? Is there an area you afraid to follow the physical signs that keep popping up? Drop in, listen deeply, heed the wisdom call of the owl to move past blocks that you or someone close to you is avoiding the truth.

#2 The Lady of Avalon – Absolute truth, Courage, Self-respect, Responsibility
She represents the highest order of Truth and demands total integrity and alignment. Where can you make small or large shifts in your body, mind or relationships to be more aligned with the truth of who you are and how you want to show up in the world. This is not a time to second guess, when you see the signs from the Lady there aligned action to necessary and you have the heart and skills needed for this test. Stand with courage and confidence knowing the Power of Avalon and the Lady of the Lake are with you.

#3 The Eagle – Spirit, Integrity, Connection to the Angelic realm
You are being divinely guided with the integrity and power of the angelic realm to live in integrity and harmony with your soul. The eagle invites you to SOAR high above to see the big picture and how every challenge and every life event connects into a beautiful tapestry. Take time to connect with prayer to your guides, angels and teachers ask for support and receive divine guidance now.


Do you Love the Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Deck?

Purchase a deck for your collection here & Amazon will pay me for sharing with you, cool right? It’s a quick tip to make money sharing products you love and it’s called affiliate marketing.


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Activate your Personal Power

Third Chakra Practice: Activate your Personal Power

Transformational practice to shift the common blocks of the victim/perpetrator/rescuer triangle.

Clear soul level blocks and core wounds in order to experience greater clarity in regards to using our personal power in service to the highest good.

Post questions or insights in the comments below this post

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Unleash your Creative Power

Second Chakra Practice: Unleash your Creative Power

Transformation practice to shift the common blocks of “not being enough” or “being too much” stuck in the lower belly. Clear soul level blocks and core wounds in order to experience greater freedom of creativity and expression.

Post questions or insights in the comments below this post

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Center yourself in Belonging

Root Chakra Practice: Center yourself in Belonging for Healing

7 minute video training:

Transformational practice to shift a commonly experienced core wound of “not belonging” often stuck in the Root Chakra.

Post questions or insights in the comments below this video.

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Soul Purpose Oracle July 13, 2017

Soul Purpose Oracle Reading from Goddess Isis Oracle:
Take a deeper breath.
Soften your face & shoulders.
Ask your inner guidance to pick a card to guide, inspire or uplift you.

Post the number of your choice in the comments below. You will receive a mini energy healing to support your alignment with your soul purpose.


Goddess Isis Oracle Says:

#1 Ancient Power Mysteries ~ Hear the Rattle of Isis Playing

Honor the power of your voice as you speak, write, sing and express your vision. Your voice holds the power to heal or destroy, it’s important that you recognize this potential and channel this power in service to the highest good. Trust in the flow of the divine and work to bring your words and body into greater alignment with your Soul’s Mission.

#2 Knot of Isis ~ Energetic Stabilization with the Buckle of the Beloved

Part of your destiny in this life is to heal and flourish through the Divine Feminine in her many forms. Men and women are invited to allow the weaving of feminine power into your body more fully as this integrates your body and soul. Your body shines with the inner light of your soul. Aligned action comes easily as your energy body is protected, guided and inspired by your connection with the Divine Feminine.

#3 Pyramid of Light ~ Step your Vibration Deeper into Love

You are receiving confirmation of your growing spiritual and psychic powers which are calling you to a higher level of responsibility. It’s important to recognize the power of the shadow and darkness to be able to identify the source of the information and guidance you are receiving. Make sure to keep up (or create) your clearing, grounding and protecting practices in order to stay connected to the power of your light and ability to embrace the shadow as well.

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Soul Purpose Oracle July 6, 2017

Soul Purpose Oracle: Take a breath & soften your face & shoulders. Ask your inner guidance to pick a card to guide, inspire or uplift you.

Post the number of your choice in the comments below. You will receive a mini energy healing to support your alignment with your soul purpose.

#1 Abundance ~ I am a limitless being and I can manifest whatever I desire in physical reality
You are a divine creator that can manifest your desires… so why haven’t all your dreams come true yet? Look deeply to discover what parts of you are in resistance to your desired outcome and create a team environment with all the inner voices or soul characters inside you. When you can negotiate inside with your inner circle inside you will in greater alignment to manifest your dreams and desires in your outer experience.

#2 Balance ~ I bring a state of perfect harmony into my world and I do so without judgement.
Often conflict arises within ourselves and with our families when we are operating in a “right or wrong” paradigm. Can you open your heart and mind to seek to understand with curiosity? There is no need to agree yet allow different experiences and perspectives to exist without the need to be right to expand the feeling of balance and ease.

#3 Blame ~ I accept responsibility for my well-being
Personal responsibility gives you the power to transform your life. Notice if there are any beliefs that someone else has more power than you or has power over you. This card invites you to acknowledge with compassion any part of you that feels less powerful or has victim consciousness and to uncover the power and confidence that is waiting for you to tap into it. Activate the power of the sun in your solar plexus to burn through any limiting thoughts, blocks and beliefs.

Would you like a private Soul Purpose Healing Session to support you to manifest your dreams?

Let’s open a sacred & safe space to listen to the instructions from your Soul. Your Infinite Self knows but you may need a tune up to follow your inner wisdom.

I currently only work with clients for a 3 month minimum and my rates are $250 per hour. (That rate is not an inflated-hyped-up rate “my work is worth $1M per hour” which is prevalent in the coaching industry, it is what real clients are paying.)

WHAT is a Soul Purpose Healing Activation?
One – 60 minute phone session will be recorded with you, me and your soul’s deepest longing. The current rate for this session is $333 and I am making this available now for $111.

Register Now

This is an invitation to connect with your Soul Purpose and to come into alignment with your Soul purpose, vision, gifts & intuition.

When you are alignment with your vision, values and soul purpose you are in the flow and you can more easily release resistance and struggle.

I would be honored to support you to Heal your Body, Master your Mind and Awaken your Soul Purpose.

With love & the power of Awakening,
christel xxo

p.s. Soul Purpose Healing is magical – and it works on all levels of your body and being. This is 1-on-1 deep transformation with you, me and your soul purpose. If we work together, you’ll see the truth of your power, activate the courage to attain your desires, and you’ll do things you’ve being dreamed about for a long time.

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Soul Purpose Oracle June 30, 2017

Soul Purpose Oracle: Take a breath & soften your face & shoulders. Ask your inner guidance to pick a card to guide, inspire or uplift you.

Post the number of your choice in the comments below. You will receive a mini energy healing to support your alignment with your soul purpose.


Sacred Rebel Oracle, please let me know how the reading resonates for you this week!
Going Beyond Normal ~ Take the risk, step outside your comfort zone and explore what is available to you. Explore an idea or vision you have had in mind because there are many paths and possibilities available to you now. Logic and structure are important right now and you are being invited to follow your intuition and listen your inner guidance.

Be the Hunter, Not the Hunted
You are capable of seeing the truth and rewiring old patterns in order to create new connections and more aligned relationships. Look for ways you may be giving your power away to people or situations out of habit instead of BEING the powerful creator of your life. In order to release old relationships and patterns it’s essential that you take time to be with yourself, listen deeply and sit in nature to discover and strengthen your truth.

Collaborative Dreaming
You heart is big enough to dream for yourself and to give birth to the dream for a new humanity. Honor your desire to collaborate and co-create with like-minded groups. Creative endeavors with groups with support you to clear unconscious patterns in relationship and to highlight and amplify your super powers. Follow your instincts to align your time, energy and money with people and projects in service to the highest good, integrity and love.

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Phoenix Rising Stories

The Power of Women’s Phoenix Rising stories:

June has been a rough month of grieving for me. This month marks 22 years since my older sister’s death and the last time I saw my mother…. oh yes, father’s day is in June too! UGH 🙁

Death creates a certain flavor of grief.

Losing my mother is a special kind of challenge and mind-f**k.

I surrender to grief.
I journey to the underworld.
I allow all the emotions I would rather not feel.

I listen to the voices in my head:

Inner critic: “Get over it! 22 years since your sister died…and you still cry?”

Unconditional love: “it’s ok to cry honey, I will hold you.”

Inner critic:”You will never see your mother again, let go!”

Unconditional Love: “Love never dies, let love wash over and through you.”

Inner Critic: “Why can’t you be happy for all the years your father was alive?”

Inner Wisdom: “Write a book called Forbidden Phoenix.”

me: Wait, what? Write a book now?”

Inner wisdom: “Create a book, podcast series and video collaboration with women who have experienced the intensity of life changing events and their stories of rising from the ashes. This project will highlight the Rising Power of Women’s Voices and create a sacred space for your unspoken truth…”

me: OK, Here we go!

We are coming together and rising from the ashes of the global changes we are facing.

May we support the process of Awakening!

The Rising Power of Women’s Unspoken Truth: Book, Podcast Series & Video Collaboration

A soul gathering where deep listening happens, where truths are revealed, on the sacred ground of transformational healing for generations past, present and future.

If you or any women you know who like to be interviewed please click the link in the first comment to answer the interview questions.

With love and the power of awakening,
christel xxo

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Soul Purpose Oracle June 22, 2017

Soul Purpose Oracle from the Kuan Yin Oracle Deck

Take a deeper breath. Soften your face & shoulders. Ask the Kuan Yin Oracle and your inner guidance to pick a card to guide, inspire or uplift you.

The more specific your question the more potent the answer.

Post the number of your choice in the comments below. You will receive a mini energy healing to support your alignment with your soul purpose.


Kuan Yin Oracle: Please let me know what resonates most about your card today and if you picked #2 I encourage you to also read card #1

#1 The Threshold ~ Congratulations! You are embarking on a soul liberation that leads to freedom of love that triumphs over fear. This is a sacred and important transition for you. It is wise to surround yourself with friends that love and support you in an environment that you can thrive in. The threshold can involve deep testing and an initiation to solidify your commitment to love and spiritual awakening. Self-love and self-care are your most important allies as well as receiving support from your family and community.

#2 Empress of the Pearl ~ Your soul purpose gifts have great value which were born from struggle, adversity and challenge. A pearl begins as a grain of sand that is “coated” by a clam and forms a treasure that we call a pearl. You are in the threshold that leads into greater clarity on the beauty your challenges created that not only supports your healing but also the spiritual awakening of humanity. Are you ready and willing to step out of the shadows and share more of your soul gifts now?

#3 Many hands of the Goddess ~ The Goddess Kuan Yin brings blessings to multiple projects and areas of your life and one time. Trust your focus and flow, release your worries to Kuan Yin and allow her, the power of the Divine Goddess that is within and all around you to support and guide you. If you are drawn to focus, work on many projects or rest practice allowing and listening to your inner wisdom and intuitive rhythm. Through your trusting heart you will accomplish more than you can imagine.

Purchase a deck for your collection here & Amazon will pay me for sharing with you. A smart tip to make money sharing products you love, it’s called affiliate marketing.

Do you love this Kuan Yin Oracle deck? Order from Amazon here:

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Create a Signature Coaching Program

Create a Signature Program in your Coaching Business or Holistic Practice & attract your ideal clients with ease.

Quick 15 minute live training to support you to clarify your signature offer

1. Make a list of all your passions
2. Write down the bullet points of your Hero’s Journey & Heroine’s Journey
a. Challenges
b. Triumphs or Ecstatic Events
3. Personal & Professional Training & Experience
4. Where can these meet a grounded need in the market place which means something people are looking for and willing to pay for
5. Make a list of 10 ideas
6. Talk to everyone you know about your ideas and collect information to clarify your signature program

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Soul Purpose Oracle June 14, 2017

June 14, 2017 Soul Purpose Oracle:

Take a breath & soften your face & shoulders.
Ask your inner guidance to pick a card to guide, inspire or uplift you.
Post the number of your choice in the comments below. You will receive a mini energy healing to support your alignment with your soul purpose.


Thank you for participating this week, please let me know if your card resonates for you.

1. Silver Sister – Are you regularly engaging your clearing, grounding and protection practices? Look for an old pattern that where you may be giving your power away or falling into the “victim space” and take action, stand in your power & create clear boundaries.

2.Sacred to Fly -Are you honoring your sense of “divine right timing?” Listen to your inner wisdom and guidance and follow the natural flow and rhythm that feels best to you now…. is there wisdom for you in waiting? or is it time to release the know and fly into the unknown… only you know.

3. Greenman’s Door – Next week is the summer solstice and the veil between the worlds become thinner….. perhaps plan a personal ritual or honor what is coming into fullness on the longest day of the year for you. Pay attention to signs and signals from the Fairy Realm.

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Discover your Soul Purpose

Are you a spiritual seeker looking for the deeper meaning in your life?

Are you ready to embody your soul purpose?

Do want to live connected to your life purpose?

In this training I share the common misconceptions that often cause women to get stuck on her journey to embody her soul purpose.

I share three powerful pathways to explore to get more in touch with your life purpose in this quick 15 minute training.

Watch this live training to connect your purpose, passion and power to enjoy health, wealth and great love.

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Soul Purpose Oracle June 7, 2017

Take a breath & soften your face & shoulders. Ask your inner guidance to pick a card to guide, inspire or uplift you.

Post the number of your choice in the comments below. You will receive a mini energy healing to support your alignment with your soul purpose.

I will reveal the cards and soul purpose oracle insights after 5pm PST today in the comments.


Thank you all for participating, I have offered a mini energy healing for you and here is the reading. Let me know it this resonates for you!

1. Melusine ~ Love who you are
Embrace of who you are… every single quirk, wound, fear or shadow you feel lingering in the shadows…. in order to express your beauty more fully it is essential to embrace the beast within, Ask the people in your inner circle what quirks they LOVE about you, this will help you to see the endearing qualities that we often perceive as negative aspects of ourselves.

2. The Sovereign ~ Gentle power
You are the Queen of the earth domain and tending to all the creatures that live on earth. Live and be in integrity with your core values in order to increase your power and vibrational alignment every day.

3. The Elder ~ Heed wise counsel (THE MOST POPULAR CARD TODAY)
Take your studies and path seriously, this card carries a stern and intense message that you may have strayed off your true path. How can you live in integrity with your vision? What are you doing (or not doing) that is slowing down your progress? Follow the guidance of your creative muse that is supporting you to take action to manifest your dream.

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Soul Purpose Oracle May 31, 2017

Take a breath & soften your face & shoulders. Ask your inner guidance to pick a card to guide, inspire or uplift you.

Post the number of your choice in the comments below. You will receive a mini energy healing to support your alignment with your soul purpose.

I will reveal the cards after 5pm PST today below.


It’s Interesting that all male Keepers of the Light appeared today:

#1 Krishna for unconditional love and divine wisdom embodiment. He will guide you to choose love over fear in order to live in alignment with your soul.

#2 Odin for psychic insight to look beyond what you can physically see. Keep your mind focused on the best possible outcome and receive guidance from the keepers of the light.

#3 El Morya for awakening presence and support to remove energy that is not serving your connection with the divine. Spiritual protection and cleansing your energy are essential now as you call in your angels to keep you safe on all levels.

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How to Break the Rules of Biz Skillfully

Question from Soul Purpose Tribe Member: I want to integrate many different offerings and services into my website and email marketing yet most business coaches recommend I focus on one business offering at a time. What do you recommend when it comes to breaking the rules?

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Spirituality & Money

I realize you are bombarded by so-called-spiritual teachings that proclaim that “making money isn’t spiritual” or “money is the root of evil” or “wealthy people are greedy.” It’s likely that no one told you that you would need to become a business owner to successfully turn your passion into a profession that pays the bills. The truth is you are not serving the world as a broke and struggling teacher-healer-coach and that is hard because you are committed to support global awakening

Hold on to your third eye because it’s time to get real about making a powerful and positive difference in the world through building a profitable business.

It’s true that helping your students to calm and center their minds, feel and heal their bodies and connect into the unity of all living things DOES make a positive difference.

What if you could have a far greater impact in the world if you more fully step into your power as a community leader? What if being conscious business owner is the fast track to powerful changes in economy? What if money is a vehicle that can help and heal the planet?

It is clear that we are in a potent time of awakening on the planet. The challenge with awakening consciousness is that it’s not about rainbows and unicorns, it’s about awakening truth. Awakening to the truth that humans have the power to create and destroy life.

There is a MASSIVE force in the US that uses the power of money for greed, destruction, and profits over people. As yoga teachers, healers and coaches i believe it is our duty to take a stand and be the change not only on the meditation cushion or the yoga mat but in our economy.

The world needs us heal our relationship with money. i know it’s hard to imagine admitting we care about money, yet money is a vehicle, a vehicle for positive change or a vehicle for destruction. Right now there is a growing movement of conscious-green-sustainable businesses which is great! Yet time is of the essence to reach the tipping point of power & money that is aligned with the greater good.

You know the truth in your bones that you are destined to be a part of the change.

Every day we are flooded with epic issues that are challenging our freedom and the survival of human life on earth. From global warming, to gun control, to GMO foods to the presidential campaign, it’s time for change. We cannot wait for someone else to lead the charge. We need everyone who is willing and able to take a stand and be the change.

Ideas to get you started in your heart-centered business:

1. Heal your relationship with money – Recognize that like any relationship that isn’t working it takes time, energy and devotion to shift & heal a broken relationship. Take a few minutes everyday during the week to come into right relationship with money. Examine your limiting beliefs about money and do the work to align your values in a profitable business model.
2. Embrace that you are a business owner & learn to make it profitable – Most professional training programs include little to no business training to become certified or licensed yet there are many organizations that teach heart-centered & sustainable business building curriculum that can help you/
3. Learn public speaking to create change with issues that matter to you – Cultivate your ability to speak and lead with clarity and confidence. Use your speaking skills to teach and share your message and to speak up when you see injustice in your local community.

Bust the MYTH that making money isn’t spiritual!

Did you ever consider the dominant paradigm about money in the spiritual community is actually keeping you broke, stuck and powerless?!

Stand in your open-hearted loving strength and create a profitable business that changes lives and has more power and more dollars to vote with.

With the fierce love of awakening truth,

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Healing the Mother Wound

Awaken Soul Freedom Day 6: Healing the Mother Wound

I am walking and listening to a Sacred Mantra called, “Ma,” a song that celebrates the divine Mother. As i listen i feel a HUGE WAVE OF LOVE & DEVOTION wash over me for the Great Mother. I open my body, mind and heart easily to this unconditional and soul deep love, YES!

Great Mother: i feel you loving me.
Me: YES, It’s easy to love you!
Great Mother: love your mother like you love me.
I feel my body harden and my heart close, the great love i was feeling is now far away.
Great Mother: love your mother like you love me.
Me: I can’t. i won’t. But she didn’t……
Great Mother speaking softly: love your mother like you love me.

She speaks to me with compassion while holding my mother wound, i feel her loving every part of me so i can soften in her embrace.

Great Mother: she is a woman just like you, wonderful, wounded, wild, weak, strong, broken and whole in her human-ness.
Me: yes she is.
Great Mother: love your mother like you love me.

I let go of resistance. i let my love for the Great Mother fill me until it pours out of me. I feel the wounded child within me that doesn’t want to share this Great Love with my mother because…….

Great Mother: sssssssshhhhhhh, let the love flow. Let yourself love your mother like you love me. love her in the realm of spirit.
Me: Jai Ma (Victory to the Mother)
I let go and open to loving my mother with all her faults, fears and weakness.
Great Mother: love your mother like you love me. Love her like you love Me.
Me: Jai Ma. Jai Ma. Jai Ma.

I feel the love grow with each repetition of this sacred mantra. The wave of unconditional love begins to fill and overflow from me…..JAI MA!


Many of us hold deep pain in regards to our Mothers or being a Mother. Our wounded inner child can keep us stuck or overwhelmed in trying to move forward in our lives. Even if you had the blessing of an incredible, kind and loving mother there is often healing that is possible. We can also experience the deep and painful wounded feminine expressed in our disconnection from Mother Earth creating the crisis of humans destroying our environment.

In honor of Mother’s Day i created a GIFT for you & the Great Mother. It is an audio recording & re-coding called:
Soul Purpose Healing ~ Healing the Mother Wound

I encourage you to listen to this audio in a safe space where you can bring your full presence and attention to the process of healing the Mother wound. JAI MA!

This is my gift for Mother’s Day, in service to the Great Mother & restore the healing web of Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine on our planet.

Jai Ma & Happy Mother’s day!

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Resolutions Suck, What Creates Success?

New Year’s Resolutions Suck! What Creates Success?

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Non-Traditional Tips to Handle Family Conflicts

*Warning: do not watch this if you are offended by swearing or if children are watching*

The scandalous moment you have been waiting for… My Non-Traditional Tips to Handle Family Conflicts on Christmas video is ready!

We have been using this technique in my family since the mid 1980’s and I hope you will take it on as your family tradition too.

Watch until the end for our famous Arcucci family Christmas photos. 😉

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Soul Purpose Healing – Inner Child Healing

Soul Purpose Healing – Inner Child Healing

Simple 3 part practice you can do ANYWHERE to transform feeling triggered into healing the inner child.

Feel free to post any questions in the comments.

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Soul Purpose Healing – Create a Healing Ritual

Soul Purpose Healing – Create a Healing Ritual

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I am a Woman with Power

Soul Purpose Healing
i am a woman.
i have power.
i am in tune with the rhythm of nature.
i use my intuition.
i hear what you are not saying.
i see what you try to hide.
i hold the power to heal, just like you do.

for many lifetimes i have practiced & cultivated my craft.
i have been called a witch and destroyed because of the fear of my power.
i have feared you knowing this about me.
i have tried to hide my truth.
i have been afraid to die for being a powerful woman.
i have felt afraid of the fire that has been used to destroy me…

i am witch.
i will no longer hide.
if you think fire can destroy me,
you do not know who i am.
the fire is the power of my desire to create change.
the fire fuels my passion to empower women.
it’s time to activate our WILD WITCHY WEALTHY WOMANLY WAYS!

i am ready to rise.

are you?

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Medicine Buddha Mantra for Healing

Medicine Buddha Chant

The Medicine Buddha Mantra is a favorite chant of mine. I woke up chanting this recently yet could not remember what the meaning of the chant. I kept chanting trusting that my soul knows best and often my rational mind can get in the way of deep healing. Later the same day Harbin Hot Springs burned down, thousands of homes were burned and many friends were literally running for their lives. My spirit knew that our community would need DEEP HEALING support that day….

Harbin Hot Springs has been a Soul Healing Sanctuary for me for over 10 years, a place i would go to connect to the soft voice of my inner wisdom, listen to nature, soak deeply in the healing springs and SLOW DOWN!

May humans come into a balanced way of living with each other and nature. May the healing springs rise from the ashes.

Here is a translation of the Medicine Buddha Chant that i resonate with.

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Healing the Divine Masculine & Feminine

Wow! I sat in front of my mediation altar.

I place one stone in each hand for Healing the divine masculine with Golden sheen obsidian & feminine with and mahogany obsidian.

Ganesha the elephant-headed God support the process to eliminate obstacles.

The spirits of my mother and father arrive to assist the process…What an incredible blessing.

My father passed away 17 years go and I have been estranged from my mother for 28 years.

Healing isn’t limited by time, space, life or death.
#soulpurposehealing #soulpurpose

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Heart-Centered Sales

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 9.37.17 AM
i am a natural saleswoman although i never would have considered myself this until recently. i started selling all the way back with my childhood lemonade stand. (yes, i have invested in sales training in my “grown-up” business.)

i have massive resistance when sales people talk about “closing”, “closing a prospect”, “closing the deal”.

the energetics of using the word “closing” in regards to starting a working relationship feels AWFUL!!!!!

i recently had a friend, who is a talented saleswoman tell me that my resistance to the word “closing” in regards to sales was ridiculous, silly and a block that keeps me from selling. “closing” in relationship to selling may work for some and it doesn’t work for me! the feeling of being “closed” during a sales conversation feels like being hunted or trapped, NO THANK YOU!

i am here to tell you that you can enroll clients from a heart-centered place that is energetically OPENING!
you can open a space for your prospective clients to STEP INTO.
you can create enrollment conversations that are INVITING.
you and your potential client can experience deep healing during sales conversations.

If you know in your HEART that inviting clients to work with you is a sacred art and you are ready for help with heart-centered enrollment conversations let’s talk about how i can help you.I have a limited number of Spiritual Business Clarity Session available each month; I encourage you to fill out the application to reserve your time here: Spiritual Business Clarity Session

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How to eat healthy without deprivation

How I successfully reprogramed my MIND to dislike foods that i wanted to eliminate or minimize in my nutrition plan.

the mind is a powerful tool for transformation and on the flip side monkey mind can drive you absolutely crazy.

i want to share a technique i have used to successful change my cravings for certain foods and beverages. instead of feeling “i can’t have” i shifted to “i don’t want” = empowered choice & freedom from feeling deprived.

at 15 i had my first waitress job at a pancake house where we only served breakfast food (even for dinner.) the restaurant was famous for strong coffee and apple pancakes. the apple pancakes are LOADED with sugar and are more like a cake than a pancake.

adults would come in to drink lots of coffee and eat an apple pancake.
i observed two things:
1. before the coffee arrived my customers were often crabby, rude or angry.
2. after they drank coffee and got loaded up on sugar they acted CRAZY. a more refined version of a child on too much sugar with the added potency of STRONG CAFFEINE.

i decided coffee had no inherent value. i intuitively started programming my mind with the phrase, “i hate the smell of coffee.” it worked like a charm i still hate the smell of coffee today. YAY!

WHY did this work? there was NO RESISTANCE to this new belief. i had NO REASON to want to like coffee so my mind and body easily and effortless adopted the belief that i hate the smell of coffee. (i know that may be hard for coffee lovers to imagine.)

Fast forward to 2015, my weakness was baked goods. i ate them in moderation yet i recently completed a 90 cleanse and plan to continue with minimal gluten and sugar. How did i reprogram my mind when it was something I DO LIKE & I DO WANT?

I decided to change my relationship with baked goods and used a replacement concept.

I chose to reprogram my mind with the belief that baked goods that i see in the shiny glass cases at the market or in restaurants actually tastes like eating the plastic “playfood” that children have in their toy kitchens. YUCK! i anchored this idea into my mind along with the desire to eat food that has nutritional value.

I focus on the feeling and sensation of eating plastic food along with thoughts of eating high nutritional value foods and i am delighted to say IT’S WORKING!!!!

Why did this work? First, I eliminated resistance. Next i reprogrammed my mind & body to have a new belief that i want to eat food that has a HIGH NUTRITIONAL VALUE & makes me feel good.

AWESOME! my 90 day clarity quest is now completed and i am on a new track with the choices i am making with eating, moving my body, my thoughts, my relationship, my “stuff” and the path of success i am on in my business.

how do you create lasting change in your lifestyle or business?

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Jumpstart your Healing Arts Business

What essential elements do you need to run a successful Healing Arts Business?

I created this free training audio for you to Jumpstart your Healing Arts Business. I believe it is possible, actually essential to integrate your creative & spiritual practices into your business.

As we bring together ALL aspects of who we are in service to the greater good without compromising ourselves, our well being or our personal desires we will create the greatest fulfillment and success.

The energy healing and transmission at the end of the training nearly moved me to tears as I was making it. Powerful!

Post the inspired actions you will take in the comments below.

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Unseen Magic

Christel Arcucci ~ Prosperity Mentor
The most precious relationship in my life is with the unseen, with what i call Magic…the space between what’s real and what possible.

My connection to Source, to Truth, to Self has been my lifeline since i was a little girl. As a child i could see, hear and feel what is not being said. When i was small i did not have a guide to help me understand and find my way.

Luckily I choose a path of healing for my professional and have gotten paid for my ability to see, hear, feel and invite change for healing and awakening. This choice has supported me to invest the majority of my time, energy and money to my path.

At times i feel lonely since my inner sanctuary is often void of people. I have felt that something is “wrong” with me because i am alone a LOT.

I am embracing who i am, my strengths, my brilliance, and the power of my BE-ing. My life is shifting fast since i stopped struggling and trying to make myself be what i am not.

I walk between worlds.

I am a teacher, a student, and a guide who is dedicated to the path of awakening.

I am committed to soul alignment for myself and our community.

I am in service to building the bridge and being the bridge for love.

I am opening, softening, and allowing my gifts to create positive and powerful change in the world.

And so it is.

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hold me.

I need you to hold me.
Embrace my light & my shadow.
Hold my triumphs & my deepest wounds.
Feel my fear & my fury.
Be with my biggest & grand dreams.
Shine the light in the dark corners.
Be with me. All of me.

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Relationship, Pleasure & Intimacy Giveaway

feels good v2
Dear Soul-Centered Family,

Want more pleasure and intimacy? I DO!

I am blessed to be part of an incredible movement of women who are sharing the power of relationship, pleasure and intimacy for your life and business. The AH-mazing Jessica Hadari created The “Relationship, Pleasure, and Intimacy Giveaway” and it is now open!

We’re offering women (and men) all over the planet get access to
priceless resources for healing, personal and spiritual growth,
all completely FREE.

My contribution is the 30 Day Bliss Activation ~ Turn up your Light & Turn on your Life.

You’ll learn how to:
• Activate your Inner Healing Code to enjoy pleasure, play, & prosperity
• Clear the blocks that are holding you back from creating lasting change
• End the stress cycle with juicy self pleasure breath & movement practices

Learn more and sign up at

The FEM Talks “High Vibration” Relationship, Pleasure, and Intimacy Giveaway” is like NO OTHER event ever. Clear Your Blocks to Great Love and Relationships

Here’s just a sampling of the AMAZING products and services
that are being given away (20+ in all):

* “Relationship Detox” Starter Kit
* Essential Steps to Transform Arguments into Partnership
* Food, Body, Sexuality: The Three Pivotal Pieces to a Woman’s Personal Power
* What it means to make anything sacred
* Balance and harmonize you energetic systems for healthier relationships

… And SO much more!

Head on over now and claim your goodies.
Get your gifts —>

All of the gifts are completely Free.

With love & hugs,

PS – Understand: There’s nothing to buy, and a whole lot to gain, so make sure you check it out today!

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birthday & the death field

I am consciously entering the field of birth and death this week.

I stand on the threshold that leads to my father’s birthday & the anniversary of his physical death.

Countless times I have cried longing for my father’s arms around me.

I have wanted to hear the encouraging sound of his voice.

After 17 years, i allow myself the space grieve.

I expand the space of continuing to LOVE.

I focus on the relationship I can have with him, the connection we have that is not limited by space and time. The power of love that still holds steady even though he holds no physical form.

When i stopped resisting my dharma (sacred duty) to walk between worlds the healing transformation

the struggle eased
my eyes opened
my heart expanded
my courage ignited
my mission clarified
the path to freedom became crystal clear

soul purpose activation

standing. steady. ready. open. clear. courageous.

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wild hair

christel's wild hair
Wild hair:

For a decade I cut my own hair and then I “matured” into having a professional stylist.

Tonight, I embraced my wild woman and my hair and the scissors danced.

wisdom in waiting.

i wondered for weeks… what would happen if i cut a new style?

will i like it?

what if i don’t?

the words & wonderings rolled around in my head until…

inspiration struck.

i stood before the mirror with a comb and scissors in my hand.

snip. snip.

trim. trim.

create the curve & smooth the edges.

i think it like it.

yes i do. 🙂

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Spiritually Aligned Business

Spiritual Art of Wealth

I saw this peacock minutes before I presented my signature talk, “The Spiritual Art of Wealth” at a yoga teacher’s retreat on Saturday near Austin.

When I first started teaching the integration of making money & making a difference with spiritual teachings I was terrified my teachers would be upset. I felt an undeniable drive to support healers and heart-centered service professionals to serve and be financially supported because I know in the core of my being that spiritually aligned business and making money can serve the greater good.

I take a stand for creating change in regards to the Spiritual Art of Wealth. Money can be used for life-enhancing purposes, it is powerful vehicle to create change. I believe artists, healers, teachers, & visionaries can align with the flow of money & wealth in service to positive transformation AND we need as many full activated healers engaged in creating positive change on the planet right now!!!!!

When you take a stand for what you do and powerfully and authentically share your message you create a movement and you are magnetic! What do you stand for? What would you change if you had the power to create global change?

I stand for the healing and integration of creative spirituality & business success. The divine dance of the feminine & masculine. The celebration and empowerment of the right & left hemispheres of the brain. Embracing the light & dark within each of us. Honoring the cycle of birth & death.

May each of us align our message with our vision to create powerful change. As we show up in service to the greater good may we open the channels to receive the physical, financial and energetic support we need to change the world for the better.

And so it is.

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i fall in love easily

I fall in love easily.
There was a time when I thought this was a problem, I would fall in love with the check out girl, a man walking across the street, a child playing in the park.
I appreciate my ability to love easily and deeply.
I changed my ideas about what needed to happen next… After I fall in love.
I delight in love.
My heart expands every time I fall in love.
I long to love without limits.
I can feel the wave of love that washed over me the moment I opened my heart to love you.
I believe in loving courageously.
I love you.

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Feminine Power & Magic

Express YourFeminine Magic-2
Last year one of my mentors asked me, “How is your Feminine Power expressed?”

I was stuck in an old story that I was “too masculine, too intense, too driven, too direct, TOO MUCH and NOT Feminine”….

Her question sparked powerful healing for me to embody my expression of feminine power. Permission to activate my form of feminine magic and to STOP shaming myself for all the ways in which my expression was wrong, bad, and not good enough.

May all women & men honor & express the way the power of the feminine moves us and longs to be expressed through us.

May we awaken feminine magic for healing and integration of the masculine and feminine.

with love,
Christel Arcucci

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Courageous Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is a COURAGEOUS ENDEAVOR!

It is path of transformation that invites us to explore and adventure into the unknown…
To clarify what we stand for, who we serve, and to share our heart and soul everyday.

I was a kid-preneur and totally dedicated to create a business doing what i love.

For the first 18 years of my business i was successful because of my talent for organizing my unstoppable passion, and skillful communication… i didn’t have any business training.

In 2008 i decided to make a quantum leap in my business and i knew i needed to get training and mentoring to support me. I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and immersed myself in a community of conscious entrepreneurs committed to making a difference. It has been wild ride of education and expansion.

I am on the threshold of my next courageous act of becoming more visible with speaking, more leveraged with LIVE events and group programs, willing to share my writing, and ready to shine the message of my heart-work with video.

What is your next courageous act to support your business growth?

Would you like to have a private conversation with me about your BIG DREAM & VISION for your business and how I may be able to support you to make it a reality? Fill out the application by clicking the link for a complimentary Prosperity Breakthrough Session with me. I have a limited number of these sessions per month, take the next step now.

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Relax. Renew. Rebirth.

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 11.21.26 AM

I am learning to take more time off and to unplug from technology.

Simply stating that FEELS SO GOOD!

I love my clients. I feel blessed to help heart centered women entrepreneurs to make a difference in the world. I am totally passionate about my work which makes it easy to work too much.

This weekend i spent my time out on the land, camping under the stars, sitting by the campfire, digging in the dirt, swimming in the pond, laying naked in the sun, and being in community. The vision for this piece of land is to connect with an incredible community whom hold a deep intention to create chosen family and rebuild a sense of tribe in connection with earth.

My intention is to let love in, to feel connected in community and move in sync with earth and her rhythms. This weekend was a powerful opportunity to step into a new story and experience… to relax, renew, and rebirth myself into the spring time. Feeling full, recharged and connected is an essential part of running a divinely designed lifestyle business. Many women entrepreneur make the mistake of believing, “i will enjoy life once my business is successful”, which inevitably creates what i call the “burn-out model of business.” Be sure that your self-care is integrated into the very foundation of your business success.

Please share in the comments:
How do you relax?
What intentions would you like to renew?
Is there a vision you are giving birth to this spring?

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Soul Care Sanctuary

Yes, I am refreshed. I unplugged from ALL technology and soaked, slept, sun bathed, read and hiked at a hot springs retreat center north of San Francisco. Time in nature is an essential tool for me to plug into my soul and my heart. I needed to fill my heart-well, to listen to my soul song, and to dance my dreams into being.

I love my life and my work and the truth is…. recently it feels like i am “going off the rails” with a lot of rapid business growth and personal transformation.

My practices of seated meditation, yoga, and dancing have helped to ground and stabilize me through many massive changes recently including: writing a chapter in a book, planning a LIVE Soul Centered Prosperity event, taking on 6 new clients in 2 weeks and MORE!

I find that most of my clients (and women in general) give up their self-care sanctuary when time gets crunched. As women, we need to be in alignment with our soul to fully activate our power. Daily self-care practices are non-negotiable. I know, i can hear ALL the excuses, believe me i have heard or made every single one.

Dear women, please care for yourself.
Tend to your body, mind, and heart as a sacred temple.
Give to yourself with the greatest unconditional love you can…

When a woman is full she flourishes,
and her family, community, and business flourish too.
When a woman feels heard,
she is better able to access the power of the present moment.
When a woman loves herself
she leads by loving example.
When a woman respects her own needs
she can care for others with greater compassion.
This is the way we will lead the world to change, for Mother Earth and all her creatures.

Share in the comments section about your favorite self-care practices. How do you ensure your self-care sanctuary receives the care and attention it needs?

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 9.04.53 PM

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Year Long Dance Party #33

christel arcucci dancing

It’s day #33 of my year long dance party, woooohhhhooooo!

I made a commitment to dance every day for 1 year in order to activate my creativity daily for juicy and full expression in my life and business.

I moved to the SF Bay Area almost 5 years ago after leading yoga teacher trainings over-seas. i have been very focused on building my business skills by studying everything i can get my hands on in regards to marketing, sales, branding, video, copy-writing…. blah blah blah. Yes, all of this important yet i found myself disconnected from my creativity. i am excited to take my business success to the next level now that i have systems and strategies that are foundational for a successful business (more on this later.) I have gotten a lot of push back for different communities and friends that are illustrating long held limiting beliefs like:
“you cannot be spiritual and successful”
“you should not charge for your skills as a healer/artist/teacher”
“sales and marketing are sleazy”
“your website makes you look like a charlatan”

In the last few months i have been speaking a LOT about my desire to empower holistic professionals to make a living doing what they love. I want to make a difference in the world by motivating healers, artists, and educators to end the “struggling healer” cycle and the banishing the “starving artist” story.

So you may be wondering….. what does this have to do with dancing?

All of the information i have gathered about business is only helpful if i find the way that it best serves my community and resonates with my message and mission. There have been many times i have fallen on my face in the last few years in seeking the place of authenticity in bridging business + spirituality + creativity.

Dancing gives me the freedom to express myself and move without concern for getting it right or what it looks like. It allows me to move energy, to experiment, to explore, to express, to playfully find the place of deep connection to my power, my passion, and my mission.

I find myself dancing more… playing more… exploring more outside of the “dancing time” i set aside each day. it feels delicious and is awakening my unstoppable, creative, and courageous self. mmmmmmmhhhhmmmmmmm.

Tell me in the comments how do you activate your creative spark daily?

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Money Madness

I have had a variety of experiences with having money and not having much money in my life.

There are a multitude of perspectives and programmed ideas on money in our culture/world.
“Money is the root of all evil.”
“Money would solve all my problems.”
Time is money.”
“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”
prosperity coach

Here are some potent famous people’s ideas about money:
“While money can’t buy happiness, it certainly lets you choose your own form of misery,” Groucho Marx.
“A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned,” Benjamin Franklin.
“Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination,” Oscar Wilde.

Based upon where you grew up, your families ideas about money and your own experiences you have developed your own perspectives, ideas, and stories about money.

I have many voices in my head and characters that all seems to have “the answer,” and as you will see “the right answer” is different depending upon which character you ask.

Shifting our wealth consciousness to allow ourselves to experience greater financial abundance is rooted in the balancing and clearing our first and second chakras. This invites us to shift limiting beliefs and thoughts about money, and to shift our perspective to believe our needs are important and will be take care of.

I made this FUN video to illustrate the often opposite perspectives, different ideas, attitudes, and beliefs on money.

Post in the comments, which character can you most relate to?

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Lone wolf seeking playful pack

“We must be willing to get rid of the life we have planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” Joseph Campbell

i have been a lone wolf all my life.

nixxphotography at

nixxphotography at

i spent my time childhood creating ceremony connected to nature. i loved being creative with writing, reading, playing outdoors and i thrived in physical activities. I struggled with loads of health issues and did my best to navigate family dysfunction (join the club right?!)

i grew up playing solitary sports: gymnastics, tennis, spring board diving, and sprinting in track. (i was high jumper too. at 5’2″ my gymnastics training helped me JUMP HIGH… this is a story for another day.)

At 18, i hit the road and began wandering the US gypsy-style. i played music in the streets, designed & sold jewelry, offered healing sessions, and imported goods from mexico to sell at festivals. I was committed to creating life on my own terms. This developed my entrepreneurial skills and yet also amplified my rebellious “i can do it by myself” protection strategy.

I am a freepsirit. i enjoy traveling and living solo. i am fiercely independent.
and yet
I long for evolutionary, authentic, and affectionate relationships.

My lone wolf story is now a self-fulfilling prophecy of loneliness. I am writing a new story. I am re-programming my subconscious to open and receive loving & creative community.

I AM HOWLING TO FIND MY PACK! Can you hear me?!

It may not be graceful as i share my message, uncover the truths i have kept hidden, shift my image, let go of walls that have kept me safe and removed from you and my tribe. This will likely be messy and you may question me and my sanity. As i see it, this is the only way for me to come out of hiding and find my pack.

i am committed to shine my authentic light.

i am willing to meet my shadow.

i will find my way out of this self-created prison.

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My year long dance party

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 11.27.54 AMOn August 19th I decided to do something radical… i made a commitment to dance every day no matter what! YES, no matter what.

This may not seem that radical since you may already know I LOVE TO DANCE. I could have chosen a 30 day or even 90 day commitment yet something inside of me wanted a DEEP & POTENT container to awaken and engage my creativity every day. i long for a place to move through and with my fears/emotions/patterns/ecstasy over a long period of time, so i made the commitment to dance every day for ONE YEAR! wwwooohhhooo.

You may wonder… what does dancing have to do with creativity? I am an un-trained dancer, meaning i have never taken dance classes until this year. i love to move, shake, express, jump, hop, shimmy, hoop, roll, move wildly, tip-toe softly, make things up and dance like nobody is watching. Ecstatic dance is a container that allows me to be myself and move through and with ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING i feel. for me, dance is totally liberating. instead of dancing once or twice per month when i make it to the gatherings, i am ecstatic dancing daily!

Today marks day #22 in my year long dance party and i have discovered, uncovered and learned so much about myself and my dedication to dance already.

Some days have been full-on with dance music pumping, my body-mind jumping, heart pumping, booty shaking dance party in my living room.

During my 4 day camping trip a few weeks ago i explored dancing in the wilderness and i was fascinated by what emerged during these dances. (stay tuned for the wilderness dance video)

There have been a couple late nights with soft music playing, candles burning, slow moving, a meditation in motion.

This past friday night i got dressed up for a dance party in my living room and had a blast dancing in my fancy dress, golden sparkly shoes and gold belt.

My intention to show up daily and discover new ways to explore and express my creativity has been 100% delicious. i have found the depth of my commitment to show up and dance is so powerful and non-negotiable already. YAY! this is exactly what i wanted.

Please share in the comments, how do you like to express your creativity through movement?

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30 Day Practice Challenge

Pick one practice to focus on shifting in your life for the next 30 days.

I often find clients want to transform all their habits in one go!

I like to ensure you set yourself up for success, pick one thing to do, add, change for 30 days in a row.

I will be posting videos for 30 days in order to share more of my expertise and to develop the habit of creating videos, join me on the journey!

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The Reluctant Diva

Sometimes the best medicine for being afraid to share & speak something is……
to publish it on youtube for everyone to see, the WHOLE WORLD WIDE WEB!

Then somehow…. magically.
I am no longer afraid.
There is no reason to fear someone finding out my secret wish…. since i already told you.
I feel better. Thank you for listening.

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Thoughts on Failure

The deal is…. you just gotta watch this video.
I cannot explain.

You have no idea how hard it was to post this video. All the voices in my head going WILD with their opinions….. watch and let me know if you can relate.

Welcome to my madness! mwahahaha!

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New Year’s Revolution

New years is an incredible time to make shifts and set intentions. I like to utilize every opportunity to clarify my intentions, increase my focus and to make adjustments when necessary.

Although most new year’s resolutions are given up by the end of January, I would like to help you create a successful plan for making the lifestyle shifts you desire.

Did you already create a new year’s resolution for 2013?

If yes, are you following through with your commitment?

I’d like to introduce to you a system that will support you to create the lifestyle changes that you want.

Please share your intention in the comments section below, how do you wish to feel in 2013?

All love,
christel arcucci

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Up-level City 2013

Today is the last day of 2012, what an incredibly transformative year it has been!

The completion of the year and beginning of the next cycle offer an opportunity to create a powerful intention to create clarity in your life. Instead of making a “new years resolution” which most often dissolve before the end of January. I invite you to take time today to declare your commitment to how you wish to feel in 2013.

I created this short video for you about how I am creating “Up-Level City” for my life and business.

Check out the video for insights & tips for how you can up-level your life too.

Share you commitments for 2013 in the comment section below.

HAPPY 2013!!!

All my love,
christel arcucci

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