Akashic Record Clearing – Purpose, Peace & Love

Are you ready for the Akashic Record Clearing to Live your Purpose, Feel Peace, Serve your Community & Find True Love

Akasha is a Sanskrit word that means: not visible, space, ether, inner sky, sky and also the infinite consciousness in each individual.

The Akashic Records are a timeless “library” of everything that has even happened and all future possibilities.

Prepare by taking a deeper breath.
Tune into the power of your Soul.

Now soften your face & shoulders and RECEIVE.

Questions from our community:
1. How do I cultivate courage to follow my self-authority and be of service to the whole/collective I am here to serve?

2. What is my highest timeline forward and what are the main things I need to focus on to walk that path?

3. How do I find peace and purpose here on Earth…how can I recognize it?

4. How do I reach my spiritually highest potential to be able to serve humanity just the way you do?

Laser Focus:

5. How do I find my true love?

6. How do I become happy?

Thank you to everyone who participated by sending a question. 🙂 Was this helpful?

With love & the power of awakening,
Christel xxo

ps: Post any question or insights below and stay tuned for the next round.

Akashic Record Clearing - Purpose, Love & Peace

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Permission Granted: Pleasure Body

Permission Granted: Pleasure-Body

“You cannot write about your pleasure-body, are you crazy?!” my inner critic’s voice booms

Yes, I can. Yes, I will. Yes, I am.

I delight in the reunion with my pleasure-body.

I open my self, my soul, my female animal body to greater pleasure, to more power, to ecstatic dancing play.

I dance with bouncing breasts,
I open my legs to feel the pleasure of movement,
I dare to enjoy the delight of my human body-mind,
I embrace the tragedy of media manufactured ideals of Feminine Beauty.

I feel waves of freedom and fear crash into me
Rush in 
Release out

Breathe in
Breathe out

Every breath an experience of living and dying.

I dance with the adversity and ecstasy of my life as a Woman.

Pleasure rising, emptiness following.

The rush of living, the fear of dying.

I feel the shame that arises in my feminine pleasure,
I acknowledge the walls constructed for protection.

I wonder… who I am trying to protect?
Protecting me from unwanted attention and experience?
Protecting the world from seeing my delight?

My pleasure demands liberation,
My body wants to let her juices flow,
My breasts want to freely show their shape and form.
My nipples long to announce turn on, boldly, bravely, YES!

Why are turned on women so dangerous? So forbidden?

I am turned on & lit up.

I am the embodiment of creative delight.

I bloom, I tantalize, I express, I tease, I pleasure, I receive. 

Yes, so much YES!

I am the dance of creation and destruction.

I am pleasure, power, pulsing, play, BLOOMING like the most delicious flower in springtime.

My willingness to surrender opens the floodgates to enjoy the delights of my pleasure-body.

How fully can I give myself to the pleasure of my body?

How gracefully can I surrender to the unknown of letting go?

©Christel Arcucci

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Centering Practice for Intense Times

It’s a daily challenge to navigate and process current events.

Inner guidance: Start working with the Improvisation principle of “Yes and…” with current events in order to stay centered.

Me: there is NO FLIPPING WAY I can say “YES AND” to any of this!

Inner guidance: So… resistance and denial are your choice?

Me: OK FINE! I’ll try.

I acknowledge my resistance and start practicing anyway.

In a short time I realize the ‘Yes’ is *NOT* saying Yes in agreement with sh*tshow that is happening, it allows me to stay present and accept what is.

The ‘YES’ makes me available to take action in response to what is happening instead of staying stuck in fear and overwhelm.

The ‘Yes’ supports me to stay in my power AND be part of the change.

Me: Inner guidance you are so wise! I am glad I followed your advice!

Please share this post and share in the comments: What practices are you using to stay present and grounded?

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Practice Surrender

Practice Surrender to Live Aligned with Soul Purpose

We are in an intense phase of collective dissolution which can feel stressful and hard to manage.

A Phoenix Life Reset is a conscious journey of Life, Death and Rebirth which can be instigated by a collective or personal tragedy, death of a loved one, health crisis, getting laid off, or the end of a marriage which calls us to WAKE UP!

We receive the cosmic call to muster the courage to move beyond the edges of our comfort zone and live aligned with love.

I created this free healing journey for you to explore the death phase and practice surrendering into the void space of the unknown in order to more gracefully enter the rebirth phase.

Our collective relationship with death is one of avoidance and resistance which can lead to burnout and overwhelm.

In this healing journey you will travel to the dark and potent core of Mother Earth in order to release resistance and prepare for the rebirth phase and a conscious creative phase.


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Manifest in Life & Business

Manifest in Life & Business

Real talk about how to manifest in your life and business.

Step One: Clearly articulate what you want

Step Two: Actively clear the physical, mental, emotion and energetic path in order to receive what you want

In this video I share a recent experience of discovering a block to manifesting what I want in my business.

Stay tuned for updates as this story unfolds!

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