Access Granted through my near death experience (NDE)

Join us for an Xtra-ordinary conversation about opening your spiritual gifts especially during or after a dark night of the soul!

When I was 6 months old, I had a Spiritual Awakening through a Near Death Experience (also called an NDE) that opened my healing gifts in profound ways that allowed for instant connection to the Akashic Records and Infinite Wisdom.

I am delighted to connect with Kasey and Brad Wallis on the TV show Xtra Ordinary Experiences. This show features the spiritual, out-of-body, and life-changing experiences from healers around the world. The show’s hosts are global speakers and workshop leaders and they channel a group of beings called Julius and have changed the lives of many through the teachings of Julius.

It’s was a phenomenal discussion.

To learn more about Xtra Ordinary Experiences: Xpnsion Network