Easy Practice to Reduce Stress

It can be a daily challenge to navigate uncertainty and process stress.

The impacts of stress can leave you feeling overwhelming, exhausted and out of sorts.

There isn’t a quick fix or magic pill to reduce stress and feel centered, I wish there was!

Small choices and micro-practices in your daily routines move you towards how you want to feel in order to build a life you love with less stress and more pleasure.

I recently had this “conversation” with my inner guidance for a simple practice to help me regain my balance when I get off track, it went something like this:

Inner guidance: Start working with the Improvisation principle of “Yes and…” with current events in order to stay centered.

Me: there is NO FLIPPING WAY I can say “YES AND” to any of this!

Inner guidance: So… resistance and denial are your choice?

Me: OK FINE! I’ll try.

I acknowledge my resistance and start practicing anyway.

In a short time I realize the ‘Yes’ is *NOT* saying Yes in agreement with sh*tshow that is happening, it allows me to stay present and accept what is.

The ‘YES’ makes me available to take action in response to what is happening instead of staying stuck in fear and overwhelm.

The ‘Yes’ supports me to stay in my power AND be part of the change.

Me: Inner guidance you are so wise! I am glad I followed your advice!

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Stress Reduction Practice