What’s the secret to overcome procrastination and overwhelm?

Taking action? Of course, it’s not a secret. 😉

Let’s chat about what to do when you’re stuck.

Step One: Be compassionate and kind with yourself.

Depending upon your situation, often when you’re stuck in procrastination or overwhelm, it can be a freeze stress response that has backed up so much that you feel unable to take action.

Step Two: Recognize that moving your body will help you get unstuck.

Procrastination and overwhelm are often paired together and then perfectionism gets stacked on top of that. So then another obstacle gets created to taking action that it has to be absolutely perfect.

What a mess!

The recipe for getting unstuck which I encourage your to practice right now = in getting unstuck is to be compassionate and take a deep breath.

I know that sounds silly but part of it is as we take a deep breath and start moving our body start moving our breath.

Breathing deeply literally moves oxygen and life energy in our body, which gives us access to more of our brain to take action.

Step Three: Give yourself permission to take messy action and maybe even WILD messy action!

Personal example: I’m working on a lot of creative projects right now and it’s easy to get stuck in overwhelm and procrastination.

So what have I been doing?

Taking deep breaths, being kind to myself and giving myself permission for it to be wild and messy and to not know what I’m doing.

And know that by taking action, I’m going to figure it out along the way.

I was writing the first draft of my book, and I was stuck in perfectionism, procrastination and overwhelm = all of it!

I decided that my focus was to complete the crappy first draft. That is not the word I use, you can substitute the word you think it is. So that helped me to, get it done. It just does to be crappy. That’s it.

The hysterical thing was my perfectionism jumped in when I finished to reprimand me that it is crappy! And I said, “Yes, let’s celebrate I finished the crappy first draft!” Yet there was also that perfectionist part of my brain that said it’s not good enough and I said “NO, thank you, I did what I set out to do = crappy first draft is DONE.”

I am building a system to create and publish on social media And my brain is trying to figure out the perfect system without taking action with is a very difficult way to do it.

In building this social media creation and publishing system, the thing is research a little bit and take action a lot and know that I’m going to refine along the way.

I’ve gotten certain pieces in place and I’m taking consistent action, guess what the system is getting refined during the process so I AM WINNING!

My tips for you for getting unstuck from a procrastination and overwhelm are to be nice to yourself by being compassionate kind. Take a breath and literally breathe and move your body. Then take wild messy action and know that you will refine along the way. >>> GO GO GO!

If you’re struggling with procrastination and stack perfectionist on top it pretty much guarantees, you’re going to stay stuck.

My friends, let’s get unstuck, create and share our brilliance with the world!

So let me know in the comments below what you do to get unstuck from procrastination overwhelm perfection.