Today’s practice of the courageous heart is focused on how to navigate challenging emotions with a body storm. Woot!

The Body Storm is an embodied spiritual practice to explore and express a spectrum of emotions which helps to reduce stress and clear trauma in times of uncertainty and challenge.

If you look at human emotions as a spectrum with one side classified as “pleasant emotions” and on the other side as “challenging emotions.”

In times of uncertainty and challenge (like the current 2020 global pandemic) you can be resistant to feel extremes on either side. You can have a story in our head that says, “Oh, I can’t feel happy because terrible things are happening in the world.” Or “I don’t want to feel afraid or angry because that isn’t productive. I don’t want to feel those emotions.”

Your mind can make up stories about why you can’t or shouldn’t feel what you feel. But when you resist your emotions, the emotions get stuck in our body, mind and heart and can cause physical, mental, emotional or spiritual problems.

The courageous heart body storm practice is about moving your emotions, building the courageous heart to move your emotions and to feel more comfortable, or at least more familiar with uncomfortable emotions and stop resisting feeling what you feel.

I practice first thing in the morning to get moving it only takes 5 minutes and makes a world of difference.

Here is a sample list of emotions I work with: anger, joy, sadness, love, fear, compassion, disgust and wonder.

You can try the practice with these or you can make your own list and be sure to practice with a variety of emotions on both ends of the spectrum and ideally some that you are uncomfortable expressing. Pick at least five or six emotions and practice both sides of the spectrum, pleasant emotions and challenging emotions, ok?

Notice which ones that make you feel uncomfortable, because that’s the practice, is to move the energy of all emotions.

Emotions are energy in motion = e-motions.

Moving the energy of emotions is the focus of this practice. When you practice this regularly and the energy is moving through our body, you won’t get doesn’t get stuck, or act out or hurt yourselves or other people when you feel emotions in your everyday life.

The body storm practice is cultivating a Clear Channel for your body, mind, heart and soul expression.

For example: if you feel angry with a friend, during the body storm you can feel and move the energy, journal to clarify what you want to express and then have a clear and powerful conversation with the person you’re angry with instead of saying something hurtful which is much harder to repair later.

Try this practice out and let me know how it goes in the comments below and add any questions there too!

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