Awaken Soul Freedom & Healing the Mother Wound

I am walking and listening to a song that celebrates the Divine Mother. A HUGE WAVE OF LOVE & DEVOTION washes over and through me for the Great Mother.

I open my body, mind and heart easily to this unconditional and soul deep love, AH YES!

Great Mother: I feel you loving me.
Me: YES, It’s easy to love you!
Great Mother: love your mother like you love me.
I feel my body harden and my heart close, the great love I was feeling is now far away.
Great Mother: love your mother like you love me.
Me: I can’t. i won’t. But she didn’t…
Great Mother speaking softly: love your mother like you love me.

She speaks to me with compassion while holding my mother wound, I feel her loving every part of me so I can soften in her embrace.

Great Mother: Ooh Child

Great Mother: she is a woman just like you, wonderful, wounded, wild, weak, strong, broken and whole in her human-ness.
Me: yes she is.
Great Mother: love your mother like you love me.

I let go of resistance.

I let my love for the Great Mother fill me until it pours out of me.
I feel the wounded child within me that doesn’t want to share this Great Love with my mother because…

Great Mother: sssssssshhhhhhh, let the love flow. Let yourself love your mother like you love me.
Love her in the realm of spirit.
Me: Jai Ma (Victory to the Mother)
I let go and open to loving my mother with all her faults, fears and weakness.
Great Mother: love your mother like you love me. Love her like you love Me.
Me: Jai Ma. Jai Ma. Jai Ma.

I feel the love grow with each repetition of this sacred mantra.

The wave of unconditional love begins to fill and overflow from me…..JAI MA!


Many of us hold deep pain in regards to our Mothers or being a Mother. Our wounded inner child can keep us stuck or overwhelmed in trying to move forward in our lives. Even if you had the blessing of an incredible, kind and loving mother there is often healing that is possible. We can also experience the deep and painful wounded feminine expressed in our disconnection from Mother Earth creating the crisis of humans destroying our environment.

In honor of Mother’s Day I created a GIFT for you & the Great Mother.

It is an audio recording & re-coding called:
Soul Purpose Healing ~ Healing the Mother Wound

I encourage you to listen to this audio in a safe space where you can bring your full presence and attention to the process of healing the Mother wound. JAI MA!

This is my gift for Mother’s Day, in service to the Great Mother & to restore the healing web of Divine Feminine union with Sacred Masculine on our planet.

Jai Ma & Happy Mother’s day!