Many spiritual women would rather *NOT* have to deal with money. The desire to avoid money of and the belief that having or wanting money makes you greedy creates a internal conflict which set women up to struggle with money and building wealth.

Most women have been taught to “manage money,” “create a budget,” and “spend less and save more” in order to get ahead.

While these practice CAN increase your wealth they mostly reinforce fear programs and aversion to create a sustainable LOVE RELATIONSHIP with money, as your transform your money mindset.


Yes, please keep reading!

Take a slow deep breath and get ready to reprogram your limiting beliefs about money in order to create a Rich Life.

Money Mindset

Client: Would you be willing to share how you do your budget?

Me: How does budgeting make you feel?

Client: Awful, I hate it.

Me: Then why do it? I don’t budget.

Client: What?! Would you say more?

Me: I have a long term loving and committed relationship with money so I have “money dates” because the idea and practice of budgeting is dry, boring and a huge turn off for me.

I am focused on creating a secure, honest and loving relationship with money. I call money my “money honey” he’s like my BF that I am excited to see and engage with. 😉 Sometimes I even give myself an orgasm before or after our date OR BOTH!

7 steps to start transforming your money mindset in order to Create Wealth & Attract Abundance:

Step One: Be honest about the state of your finances and how you feel about money

Here’s a few journal questions to support you:
How do you feel about money?
If money was a person what would your relationship be like?
What would you say about it? How would you act towards it?
If a friend/partner said those things to or about you would you hang around them?

Step two: Schedule a weekly meeting or hot date with money whatever day works best for you, it’s ideal if you meet the same day and time every week so that you are deepening trust, communication and connection every week. Schedule 8 weeks of dates and I promise it will change how you feel and your ability to create money.

*If you are in a money crisis meet with money for at least 5 minutes per day and focus on being honest and building the relationship you want with money.*

Step three: Get ready for your date like you are excited to be with MONEY. Ideally give yourself an orgasm before or after you look at your accounts so your body-mind learns to associate money management with PLEASURE!

Step four: FOCUS YOUR ENERGY & ATTENTION on the relationship you WANT TO HAVE WITH MONEY. When you have a money date, treat it like you are meeting a real person, if you don’t show up on time or at all… how would that feel to the other person?
For example: Money, I want to feel excited to see you. I want to know you will be there for me when I need you. I will take good care of you. I want to feel relaxed and supported by you.

Prepare like you are meeting a friend, make a cup of tea, light a candle, turn on music that will help you feel relaxed and focused.

Step five: Check your online accounts and say THANK YOU” to all the money that is there and say, “I am ready to welcome more money into my accounts.”
1. Look for any unrecognized charges or fees.

2. Decide what money you have available to spend for the following week.

When you get paid I recommend you take a certain percentage and immediately place it into savings, you pick the number 5-30% and that may vary from paycheck to paycheck depending on other expenses.

Step six: Decide what form of tracking is best for you and implement it. (You will refine as you go but start something!)
Electronic: app, software, spreadsheet, on paper
The key is to find what works for you and how up regularly.

Step seven: As you build your confidence and show up to meet regularly with money  plan special dates monthly, quarterly and yearly to work on bigger projects and money plans.

Celebrate: Make sure to celebrate yourself for every time you show up to money dates and remember it takes time and consistency to transform your relationship with money just like it would with a real person.

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And now for a bit of comedic relief, I made this FUN video to illustrate the often opposite perspectives, different ideas, attitudes, and money beliefs: Transform Limiting Beliefs about Money