The last few years of turmoil in the world unearthed deep trauma and anxiety that demanded my attention. I stepped even deeper into physical, mental, emotion and spiritual healing especially of my brain and nervous system.

Anxiety is a feeling that I still work with even on a good day.

Then this global reset happened.

I am going on week 4 of a solo experience of shelter in place. Last week was rough, really rough and I didn’t how to ask for help.

My animal body was starving for physical touch, being held and in person companionship. I thought I would go crazy.

I was scared.

Luckily I have consistent practices of self love and healthy living that carried me.

In meditation my guidance said, “be held by the present moment.”

There was an instant relief and relaxing in my body, yet the vibrating fear returned and pulled me out of the moment.

It’s been a few days of practicing being held when a dear friend and mama bear healer, Ursula Ferreira, offered me a guided meditation over video conferencing.

Although I had been practicing being held in the moment on my own, the next level of challenge was to allow her to hold me at the same time.

I could feel the fear and stress rising, yet I stayed present and practiced following my breath, letting the fear be present without resistance and continue to settle in.

I could drop through the layers to be held in the moment and held by Ursula.

This moment by moment practice gives my body, mind and nervous system a feeling of peace to navigate these tough times.

Breath by breath. Day by day. We will make it through this.