Raven teaches me a BIG lesson in being curious about fear.⁣
I’m in the office working after dark with the window open when I see eyes looking in at me ? ⁣⁣
I scream!⁣ ⁣

Not a little scream ? but a bloody murder kind of scream.⁣⁣

The eyes move closer instead of away and Raven’s face is revealed by the light in the room.⁣

“OH MY GOODNESS CAT!” ⁣I nervously exclaim.⁣
The cat is standing on top of the grill outside the window and leans in to see what I am screaming about.⁣⁣
My heart is pounding and adrenaline pumping.⁣⁣
She is not fazed or afraid, just curious… “what are you screaming about?”⁣⁣
I wish I was more curious and less afraid when I am scared.⁣

How can I lean in when I am afraid instead of run away?

Here’s the thing I am afraid to talk to you about:

I am afraid to share my *FULL* passion for supporting women and girls to create financial freedom through being seen, heard and financially supported doing what she loves.

What am I afraid?
1. Fear: People will think I am a man hater
Truth: I love men AND I believe there is a massive rebalancing that needs to happen in regards to equal pay and opportunity for women. It’s time to transform limiting cultural and personal beliefs that women aren’t good with money or that they are afraid of it.

2. Fear: People will think I disregard stay-at-home moms
Truth: My focus is supporting women to do what she love and be fully supported doing that… whatever that is. Home-schooling to being a CEO or both. It’s about women and girls have the financial freedom to do what she wants, how she wants and when she wants

3. Fear: People will think I don’t care about WoC, LGBT or gender non-conforming people.
Truth: I do and have worked with WoC, LGBT, and gender fluid people. I would love to see EVERYONE that is dedicated to love have an empowered relationship with money.
Truth: I happily recommend professionals that specialize in these populations if anyone would prefer that.

Be Curious & Face your Fear