You may know about or have experienced a psychic reading but Akashic Readings are less familiar. Akasha is a Sanskrit word that means: not visible, space, ether, inner sky, sky and also the infinite consciousness in each individual. This akashic reading will support you to live your purpose and feel peace.

The Akashic Records are a timeless “library” of everything in history and all future possibilities.

Everyone has access to read and change the records with training and practice.

How to prepare for an Akashic Record Reading: Enjoy a deep and slow breath. Bring your attention to your heart center and place one hand on your heart. Soften your face, shoulders and belly. Relax as much as possible and prepare to RECEIVE.

Akashic Record Clearing ~ Live your Purpose, Feel Peace & Find True Love

Questions answered in this video from our community:

1. How do I cultivate courage to follow my self-authority and be of service to the people I am here to serve?

2. What is my highest timeline forward and what are the main things I need to focus on to walk that path?

3. How do I find peace and purpose here on Earth…how can I recognize it?

4. How do I reach my highest spiritual potential to be able to serve humanity just the way you do?

Short answers for the final two questions:

5. How do I find my true love? 6. How do I become happy?

Thank you to everyone who participated by sending a question. 🙂 Was this helpful?

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