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 Are you an empath or creative who wants to live your purpose & create prosperity but you’re unsure where to start?

Free Akashic Readings for Manifesting Money

The Akashic Records are a timeless “library” of everything that has even happened and all future possibilities. The present is currently being written as we speak, which means it is possible to write the future based on your dreams and desires

 Embody Wealthy Podcast #12: Making Millions Experiment & Your Desire

 Embody Wealthy Podcast #13: Make Millions Recode to Fuel Your Dreams

Soul Purpose Oracle Audio: Create Money in Alignment in with My Dharma

Soul Purpose Oracle Audio: Reset your Time & Money Experience

Soul Purpose Oracle Audio: Create Money without a Job


Online Business for Lightworkers Training (50 minutes)

How to transition your hands-on or in-person practice to a thriving virtual business with this free online business for lightworkers training. I made this transition in my work as a massage and yoga therapist to working over the phone, leading online group programs and creating home study courses and I’d like to support you to do the same.


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