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Christel Arcucci
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Permission Granted Performance

Permission Granted to express your Spiritual Magic
Permission Granted to explore your Sexuality
Permission Granted to enjoy Life & Business Success

Christel Arcucci ~ Transformational Speaker


Speaking Topics Include:

7 Keys to Soul Centered Prosperity ~ Make a Difference & Make a Living
Doing What you Love

Signature System Mastery ~ Design your Signature Programs to Increase your
Income without Struggle

Heart Centered Sales ~ Shift from Financial Fear to Financial Freedom with
Heart-Centered Enrollment Conversations

Brilliant First Impressions In Person & Online ~ Activate the Power of your Body-Mind to Attract your Soulmate Clients

*Sexy Self Care Secrets
Enjoy your body, Enliven your Mind, & Activate your Compassionate Heart, a self care ritual to be comfortable in your skin
It’s Time to Rise ~ Women’s Empowerment

Heart-Centered Enrollment by christel arcucci


Rave reviews:

“Christel Arcucci has such a magical way of speaking. She was bold, genuine, and inspirational. I found myself moved throughout her entire talk, and in awe of how powerful she is. Christel is a born leader, with so much to share and an eloquent way of sharing it. I recommend Christel highly – I know her to be a person of integrity and heart. You rock Christel!”
Anastasia Netri ~  Anastasia Netri Coaching


“Christel Arcucci is a natural born public speaker. She seems to have arisen from a long, ancient line of powerful storytellers…the kind that reveal profound, life changing wisdom through the richness of story. The impact Christel has on an audience is mesmerizing: People laughing. People crying. People jumping to their feet at the end – clapping, hooting and cheering – while tears stream down their faces. She gives the kind of speech that stays with you for a long time, the kind you pass on, in the golden pieces you remember to your friends and family.

Daring in her authenticity, inspiring in the way she brings light and laughter into some of the darkest moments of life, and absolutely beautiful in the artistic way she weaves her words and tells her tale, Christel Arcucci is a thought leader on the rise and a name we are sure to hear much of in the coming years.
KC Baker
Founder, The School for The Well-Spoken Woman


“Christel Arcucci spoke movingly in her speech not just why it is important to keep one’s heart open, but that it is vital to life itself. There is no other way to be, Christel seems to be saying; this is the human spirit– buoyed, open, hopeful and always in its essence in love with life. It is evident that Christel has done a lot of soul searching and explored mindful living arts as a way of being, because to her, there is no other way to be. Through sharing her life’s story, Christel has laid bare the strength and resiliency of the heart. She shares with you from a place of knowing vulnerability that strength and dignity characterize an open love-filled heart.”
Ginger Coy ~ Yoga teacher & blogger


“After hearing Christel’s speech I feel more connected to her as a person, I feel her honesty, warmth, and power that has begun a new, unfolding relationship with Christel and her work. I’m very grateful to have connected with Christel through her sharing some very delicate moments of her life.”
Naima Singletary


“Today Christel spoke to us about “Brilliant Presence” and the importance of how we carry ourselves in all aspects of our lives. Tonight when I went to a networking event I remembered Christel’s teachings and was very conscious of physically staying open, strong and welcoming while meeting new people. I’m confident my presence was more brilliant than ever. Thank you Christel for your inspiring presentation.”
Sherry Berman Career Wisdom Institute