Create Sensual Freedom & Be Unstoppable & Magnetic 

You want to feel radiantly confident in your skin no matter where you are: the bedroom, the boardroom and the bank.

Fully alive and unapologetic in your pleasure body.

But the dominant culture conditions women that we can’t be powerful, sexy and wealthy.

We both know you were born with world changing magic to create and receive a life beyond your dreams.

You’re invited to a Private Pleasure-Led Legacy Retreat in Sedona Arizona.

This luxurious immersion in an exquisite setting with you, me and your pleasure body. It’s designed to clear old programs so you can settle into the timeline of infinite potential as the Creator you are.

Seduced by delights to awaken all your senses to tap the unlimited supply of your turned on desire and pleasure power.

Your turn on is magnetic, unstoppable, creative, seductive, vulnerable and the key to embody your legacy.

It’s time to EMBODY YOUR PLEASURE and RECEIVE without Apology.

Imagine a Decadent Pleasure Body Immersion to Explore & Delight in:

This experience includes: Soul Contract Session, Akashic Recode, Erotic Dance Reclamation, Sensual Rope Experience, Extraordinary Organic Meals, culminating in your Pleasure-Body Ritual.

Embodied Pleasure is your Path to the Life Beyond your dreams

Pleasure-Led Legacy Retreat Includes:

Private 3 day Pleasure-Led Retreat in Sedona Arizona

* 2 soul contracts phone sessions

* 2 days Voice text & text on Telegram


Pleasure-Led Legacy Retreat

One Payment of $11,111