Embody your Legacy to Create Sensual & Financial Freedom

Create a Rich Life guided by your Soul. Enjoy abundance, health, wealth, and great love in all areas of your life.

Embody your Legacy as a REAL & HONEST expression of WHO YOU ARE on a soul level.

It's time to SHOW UP, STEP UP and TAKE COMMAND without Apology.

Embody your Pleasure-Led Legacy

* Create a Generous Mission-Driven Relationship with Pleasure & Money

* Connect to your Authentic Desires and Embody your Legacy

* Integrate your Shadow and Fears so they don't slow you down or stop you

* Activate your Soul-Centered Abundance Agreements & Create Money with Confidence

Embodied Pleasure is your Path to Wealth

This is for you if: You are a leader, talented, intuitive, and creative in your field, making $10,000 or more per month in revenue consistently.

You're committed to creating a conscious relationship with money and pleasure to lead from a soul-centered place of ease, abundance, and flow.

Pleasure-Led Legacy Includes:

12 weeks of Unlimited 15-minute phone sessions ($11,111 Value)

* 3 Virtual Pleasure-Led Legacy Intensives to Access your Soul Contracts for Wealth & Co-Creation ($6666 Value)

Strategy & Aligned Action Plans in Shared Google document ($7777 Value)

* Voice text & text on Telegram M-Th ($19,999 Value)

  • * Akashic Clearings & Energy balancing (no appointment time) ($2888 Value)

Pleasure-Led Legacy

One Payment of $22,222

Design & Implement a Sustainable Plan for your 6-7 figure Soul Business

Embody Wealthy Mentorship is a Good fit for you if:

You're a talented, intuitive, creative and a leader in your field. You're a highly trained, professional, experienced practitioner, building a sustainable and highly profitable business. 

Your core offer has generated over $100,000 and you want to:

  • * Clarify Soul Business to Create your Million Dollar Year
  • * Build Community & Attract your Soulmate Clients, Collaboration Partners & Business Opportunities
  • * Confidently engage Soul-Centered Enrollment Conversations & Quantum Leap your Income

Embody Wealthy Mentorship has supported women, healers, coaches & teachers to:

  • * Experience her first million dollar year!
  • * Enjoy her first $15k revenue month, making a positive difference in her community
  • * Generate six-figure revenue in one year for the first time while working less
  • * Triple her income with her soul business
  • * Add $3000 revenue per month to her business doing what she loves
  • * Create a thriving healing or transformational business with time and location freedom

This is *not* for you: You are *not* prepared to take responsibility for your relationship with pleasure, money, and power. If this investment of time or money will compromise your well-being or add stress to your financial situation.

Embody Wealthy Mentorship includes:

  • * 26 – 45 minute One-to-One phone session within 26 weeks ($14,444 Value)

  • * 1- Soul Business Virtual Intensive ($2,222 Value)

  • * Voice Text & Text Communication on Telegram (M-Th) ($34,444 Value)

  • * Copy review through a shared Google document ($17,177)

  • * Akashic Clearings & Energy balancing (no appointment time) ($2888 Value)

Access Pleasure, Power & Wealth

Embody Wealthy Mentorship

One payment of $18,888

Transform your Relationship with Pleasure, Wealth & Power. Create the Rich Life you Imagine

You’re a sensitive, intuitive visionary called to make an impact and make money aligned with your Soul.

Create money, receive wealth, allow yourself to be supported, feel powerful and embody your soul-work as the embodied transmission of your legacy.

The Empowered Healer Code is a lightning path to receive millions and embody wealthy in service to love while creating the life you imagine.

Empowered Healer Code will support you to:

  • * Transform your relationship with Money & Power
  • * Create your Legacy with Pleasure and Play
  • * Skillfully navigate a health, financial or relationship crisis
  • * End the emotional addiction cycle & create secure relationships with healthy boundaries
  • * Reset your nervous system and stop feeling exhausted and overwhelmed

Create Sensual & Financial Freedom & Embody your Magic

Empowered Healer Code includes:

* 20 – 30 minute one-to-one phone sessions within 20 weeks ($3333 Value)

* Empowered Healer Code – Sensual Hypnosis Audio Recordings ($1111 Value)

* Voice Text & Text on Telegram App (One day per week) ($6666 Value)

* One page Copy review per week in shared Google document ($11,111 Value)

* Akashic Clearings & Energy balancing (no appointment time) ($2222 Value)


Empowered Healer Code Coaching

One Payment of $5555