Enjoy a Secure Relationship with Pleasure, Power & Money

You’re a sensitive, intuitive visionary called to make an impact and make money aligned with your Soul.

Create money, receive wealth, allow yourself to be supported, feel powerful and embody your soul-work as the embodied transmission of your legacy.

The Empowered Healer Code is the lightning path to receive money and embody soul purpose while creating the business you imagine.

Empowered Healer Code will support you to:

  • * Transform your relationship with Money & Power
  • * Build your Legacy Business
  • * Skillfully navigate a health, financial or relationship challenges
  • * End the emotional addiction cycle and enjoy secure relationships
  • * Create & maintain healthy boundaries
  • * Reset your nervous system and stop feeling exhausted and overwhelmed

The Empowered Healer Code has supported women, healers, coaches & teachers to:

  • * Experience her first million dollar year!
  • * Enjoy her first $15k revenue month, making a positive difference in her community
  • * Generate six-figure revenue in one year for the first time while working less
  • * Triple her income with her soul business
  • * Add $3000 revenue per month to her business doing what she loves
  • * Create a thriving healing or transformational business with time and location freedom

Empowered Healer Code includes:

20 – coaching sessions with Christel by phone

* Voice Text & Text on Telegram App (One day per week)

* Empowered Healer Code – Sensual Hypnosis Audio Recordings

* One page Copy review per week in shared Google document

* Akashic Recode & Soul Contract Alignment

Create Wealth & Embody your Purpose

Empowered Healer Code

One Payment of $5555