Free Online Sacred Writing Course

1o Day Course to Manifest your Purpose in Life & Business

You are called to write, share your story and inspire women to enjoy a fully expressed & soul-centered life.

You have navigated challenges, hit rock bottom, risen from the ashes, recreated yourself and built a new life.

You are a living example of the resilience of the feminine spirit

So…what stops you from sitting down to write?

Why does it feel that anything is more important than pen to page or fingers to keyboard.

Writing is an essential pathway to fulfill your purpose

It is an intense time in the world and I don’t see any signs of the pace or intensity decreasing.

Often it takes a personal tragedy, death of a loved one, health crisis, getting laid off, or the dissolution of a marriage to WAKE UP and muster the courage to explore the edges of your comfort zone.

We are coming together, to share our wisdom, write our stories and rise from the ashes together as a supportive sisterhood.

On the hero’s journey you courageously return to your community to share the wisdom gained from your experiences.

Join the free Online Sacred Writing Course 

You’re invited to the free online Sacred Writing Course to write your story and share wisdom in service to the highest good.

You feel an INNER PRESSURE to share your story in order to align with soul purpose, it’s time to stop denying your soul’s calling.

Next Course Starts on Oct 8th

Writing is an opportunity to transform our relationship with your core wounds, reveal insights and shine light into the shadows from life changing events.

You are invited to write daily to reveal the unspoken truths & personal insights burning inside.

During the Sacred Writing Course you will receive:

  • Daily email with writing prompts to align with soul purpose
  • Q&A calls with the opportunity to read your writing (if you wish)
  • Support to create your daily writing ritual
  • Guidance to find the best writing practices for you
  • A Facebook group of soul-centered women cheering for you!
  • Mindset tools to move through procrastination
  • Healing audio journey to transform your relationship with your inner critic

Insights from Sacred Writing Guest Teachers:

Julie Balderrama – Find your Writing Flow on Social Media
Maura Torkildson – Write Consistently to Publish your Book
Anne Belliveau – Sound Healing to Create Sacred Space & Share your Voice

You are ready to:

  • Write daily
  • Feel supported in a soul-centered community
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Transform our relationship with the inner critic who likes to edit the crap our of your work
  • Celebrate EVERY success, meaning every word you write!
  • Pour or heart and soul onto the page

In Service to Rising Power of the Divine Feminine!

This is for you if:

  • You are a talented, intuitive, creative and dedicated to spiritual awakening through writing practice
  • You are willing to write sucky writing since the focus is to show up to the page and release the drive for perfection
  • You will get back on track and write again even after you have gotten off track

The Writing Course offers two tracks to support your Life or Business:

Life Path dedicated to discover, clarify and embody your Soul Purpose

Business Path for highly trained, professional, experienced practitioner building a sustainable business using writing to expand your reach, engage & inspire more clients.

Your power, gifts, passion & purpose are essential for global awakening, let’s get started

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Next Sacred Writing Course Starts on Oct 8th

Writing is a Healing Practice to Manifest our Soul Purpose & Intuitive Powers