Mystic Money Jumpstart

Manifest Money & Make a Positive Difference

I am passionate about awakening the unique gifts of women, healers, teachers and coaches in order to transform the world. Time is of the essence as we ensure global resources are protected in service to the highest good.

My intention is to provide you with the expert tools, resources and commUnity to create a profitable business aligned with soul purpose.

Take a moment to close your eyes, visualize yourself having already achieved your most desired goals and living in service to the highest good. Enjoy a deep cleansing breath and feel that every single day from this moment on will be bringing you one step closer to that vision of your business.

It’a time to activate manifest wealth aligned with the highest good!

Up-level your business by serving more clients and being the embodiment of Spiritual & Successful. Click the links below for immediate access the journal and audio training including a healing journey to meet your Mystic Money Guide!

Attract an Abundance of Clients & Opportunities in your Spiritual Business

Let’s get started:

First print: Mystic Money Jumpstart Journal

Listen to an audio introduction to the topics we will focus on during the Mystic Money Jumpstart:
Mystic Money Jumpstart Audio – Alchemize your Money Blocks

The Mystic Money Jumpstart will unravel limiting beliefs¬†& clear MONEY blocks in order to Manifest Money in alignment with the highest good. Let’s align our body, mind and soul purpose and serve the highest good on planet earth.

With Love & the Power of Awakening,
Christel xxo