Healing the Inner Child to End the Abuse & Abandonment Cycle

You’re in a sacred initiation & rite of passage to embody your soul purpose in a community of lightowrkers and healers that are committed to transforming the cycle of abuse.

In this cauldron of transformation, you may be feeling the depths of grief, fear, loneliness, depression, exhaustion while knowing on a cellular level that your DNA is being aligned and activated to fulfill your divine mission.

The current stage of burning through the old is uncomfortable but necessary in order for the Phoenix to rise from the ashes, the good news is that you don’t need to do this alone, in fact you can’t. That’s why we are coming together to repair the healing web together.

Please enjoy these resources to support your healing journey.

Stage One – Create Safety & Trust: Learn to self-regulate when triggered in order to stay present and clear past trauma.

Build Trust with your Inner Child Audio

Stage Two – Unconditional Love: Inner child healing and re-parenting to end the inner abuse/abandonment cycle.

Enjoy this Self-Love Healing Journey to support you to see, feel, know and embody the belief “I AM LOVABLE”

Stage Three – Build Power: Create and maintain clear boundaries in relationships with yourself and then others with clear communication and ending VPR & CoD (victim/perpetrator/rescuer & CoDependency)

Self Talk & Unconditional Love

Stage Four – Embody Soul Purpose Stay Focused on your Soul Purpose Work in all your relationships including with your inner child and empowered healer. Don’t engage in ANY relationships on the trauma triangle, VPR, power over, victim/perpetrator/rescuer. Focus on doing your work and soul purpose and remember others have free will to stay stuck/project/attack/defend etc. It’s not helpful to try to “save them.”

If would like to explore working with me conversation with me, please fill out an application for a complimentary Soul Purpose Clarity Session

We will discuss your current challenges, your vision for the future, and how I may be able to support you.

I have a limited number of Clarity Sessions available each month; I encourage you to fill out the application if this invitation resonates with you.

With Love & the Power of Awakening,
Christel xxo