Holistic Business Essential Resources

Web Hosting = Dreamhost

I have loved dreamhost since I launched my first blog in 2005, great service, prompt friendly customer service for the MANY websites I host.
Don’t tell anyone I have a HIGE domain name collection. 😉

Email Autoresponder + Membership Site + Landing Pages + Sales Pages + Affiliate Program = Ontraport

I spent A LOT of time researching which services to use for the list of features I wanted to run my business, it’s incredible how many services we need to run an online business! I have happily using Ontraport for the last 2 years and I LOVE it and highly recommend it!

The above resources I use in my business and love, if you sign up with the links I will be paid for sharing with you. A smart way to make money sharing products I love, it’s called affiliate marketing.


Mystic Money Jumpstart: Create Money & Enjoy Soul Wealth

You are ready for a money breakthrough, a quantum leap to the next level of financial success, it’s time to Activate your Mystic Money Magic Power!

Imagine what it will feel like to follow your intuition more effortlessly, engage your money magnetism & activate your magic power leadership to be the change.

If you are ready to reach more people, up-level your business and be the embodiment of Spiritual, Sexy & Successful. I invite you to join us for the free: Mystic Money Jumpstart: Create Money & Enjoy Soul Wealth

Over 10 days in this Soul Purpose Free Course you will amplify your mystic light, spread your magic wings, create money & enjoy soul wealth.

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Soul-Aligned Video & FB Live Course: Build your Tribe & Attract Abundance

The only way to FLY is to take this leap & share your Message with more people!

Video is the fastest way to build the know-like and trust factor online with your ideal clients.

Soul purpose free course: Soul Purpose Messenger

This course is for you if you aren’t regularly using videos or if you have NEVER MADE A VIDEO or lifestream before.

Learn how to SHARE YOUR MESSAGE with clarity, confidence and courage by video or livestream with your smart phone. This is EASY & FUN!
Inside the challenge you will receive tips for location, lighting, video scripts and an amazing tribe to support and encouragement you to clarify your message, attract your ideal clients and easily shoot video or live stream from your smart phone.

When your message is aligned with your Soul it doesn’t feel like a burden to market your business, it becomes an expression of who you are and a powerful way to have a positive impact and increase your income.

I invite you to join the free Soul Purpose Video Course: Share your Message to Build your Tribe & Increase your Income

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