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Divine Body Mind

Pleasurable Lifestyle Design

For Busy Women to Breakthrough Burn-Out
Awaken Soul Purpose to Enjoy your Body, Mind & Life

Are you tired of the same health challenges that never seem to change? We get endless messages to “Lose weight. Go to the gym. Do this. Don’t do that. Try this new diet. Do that fitness routine.”

We may have the best intentions and yet lasting lifestyle changes often escapes us. Unless we have a crisis or life-threatening situation that demands that we clean up our act, we generally will not create the lasting changes we desire.

You may have tried a variety of diet & fitness plans that didn’t stick. You may have signed up for programs to eliminate pain that just didn’t work. You may have tried to reduce stress and it just didn’t last. I know this can leave you feeling frustrated, stuck, alone and resolved that declining health and weight gain is an inevitable part of aging. Deep inside you know there is another way! It’s time to create lasting lifestyle changes that are completely based on your PLEASURE.

Most people assume I learned healthy habits in my childhood, right? No way! I grew up with MAJOR health challenges including: asthma, allergies, and chronic pain. I grew up eating Spaghetti-os, Captain Crunch, and Kool-aid. (Yes, really!) My success in improving my health, changing what I eat, eliminating pain, and creating an enjoyable lifestyle has come from making one change at a time while focusing on my long term vision. I made an unwavering commitment to learn to love and take care of myself. I set myself up for success by taking all the knowledge, courses, systems & methods and making them work for me instead of trying to fit myself into someone else’s system. I have spent decades working with thousands of clients, I have acquired 15+ holistic health certifications.  I want to utilize my wisdom and healing experience to support you in creating a pleasurable life design that perfectly suits you!

For Busy Women to Breakthrough Burn-out & Awaken a Body & Life you LOVE!

The Divine Body Mind Immersion can support you if:

  • You know in your bones you are here for something BIG yet feel stuck
  • Release pain & extra weight with ease
  • End the body image battle & begin to love your body
  • Experience energy, mental clarity, & sexy radiance everyday
  • You are in the midst of a health, financial or relationship crisis
  • You feel exhausted, lost or depressed by what’s happening in your life
  • You are overwhelmed and afraid by the state of the economy and the environment

Heal your Body, Master your Mind & Embody your Purpose

We will create the treasure map to your health and happiness aligned with your soul purpose. Let’s work together to create the purr-fect plan that is based on your dreams while clearing the blocks that have kept you from succeeding in the past.

40 Days of One-to-One Healing & Body-Mind Healing

Divine Body-Mind Activation: Nutrition & Fitness Reset ($333 value)
One-to-one Email Support for Inspired Action & Implementation

Divine Body Mind ~ 40 Day Pleasurable Lifestyle Design

Divine Body Mind - Self Study Program

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Please fill out an application for a complimentary Soul Purpose Clarity Session

We will discuss where you are now, where you would like to be and then explore options for how I can support you.

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I have a limited number of Soul Purpose Clarity Sessions available.

If this invitation resonates, let’s set up a time for a phone conversation to discuss if the Soul Success Design aligns with what you need and want now.

with love & the power of awakening,
Christel xxo


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