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Manifest Money with Ease & Grace

Manifest Money with Clear Structure & Creative Flow

Manifesting money is the most common item that I see spiritual business women working on since it is fundamental to support all areas of life & business.

Let’s talk about essential ingredients of Structure & Flow in order to manifest money.

A healthy relationship with money depends on the integration of our inner masculine and inner feminine.

Structure is an expression of the divine masculine while creative flow is an expression of feminine energy.

If you are not where you would like to be in your relationship with money I encourage you to focus on creating clear structure for the creative flow of money into your life and all your accounts.

A dedicated focus on healing and balancing the Inner Masculine & Feminine will support you to manifest what you desire most.

Step One: Create a Clear Structure to Manifest Money

A clear container for your relationship with money is essential to create financial freedom.

What is the structure of your relationship with money?

How you feel about money?

What pathways are available for you to receive and spend money?

Are you showing up Monday through Friday and engaging in your relationship with money?

Where you keep your money? (not only the physical money but also your bank accounts)

These questions all help clarify your structure for a healthy & prosperous relationship with money.


Step Two: Creative Flow to Manifest Money

Create Flow to Manifest Money: Cultivate clear pathways that the energy of money can freely flow into and out of your accounts.

Flow also relates to your creativity whether you are working or running a business.

How do you creatively engage in the process of money flowing in and money flowing out?

Are you open to and seeking new opportunities?

Are you regularly clearing out possessions, people & habits that you no longer need in your life?

Do you pay your bills on time and with gratitude?

When you spend money are you feeling good about participating in the creative flow of money?


A healthy thriving relationship with money depends on clear structures, creative flow and active participation of your body, mind, heart and soul

When we come into alignment with our Soul Purpose and serve the highest good through our personal healing we can manifest money & opportunities with ease and grace.

Manifest Money & Soul Purpose Wealth

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Manifest Money Practice

Do you believe it’s possible to have a relationship with money that is enjoyable, fun and playful?

Watch this quick video to Manifest Money and do the Money Mantra practice, it’s quick, fun and playful.

This practice will transform your money blocks with the power of sound & vibration. Pay attention as limiting beliefs dissolve in your mind as you repeat the sacred mantra.

I have a non-traditional approach to supporting women  transform your relationship with money that works! I know you may be wondering, “Can transforming money blocks and dissolving limiting beliefs be fun?”

I say a full body-mind-soul=Yes!

I invite you to do this practice FULL ON and let yourself keep going until you start laughing!

You may have to practice a few times before you can let yourself play full out and I promise it will be worth the effort.

Please post your questions and celebrations in the comments below this post.

If you enjoyed that and are ready for more transformational tools to heal your relationship with money, check out the Spiritual Art of Wealth Course  For Heart-Centered Women, Healers, Coaches & Teachers who are ready to Create Financial Freedom in Alignment with Soul Purpose

Manifest Money

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Unspoken Truth about the Coaching Biz

Christel & Julia have a real conversation (in a gorgeous location BTW) about the dark side of the coaching biz.

How can we have healthy relationships in coach/client or teacher/student relationships?

What transformation is possible?

How can we do our best to steer clear of the pitfalls of losing ourself in a coaching connection?

This video was a BLAST to film… how do you have fun with your friends? 😉

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Create a Signature Coaching Program

Create a Signature Program in your Coaching Business or Holistic Practice & attract your ideal clients with ease.

Quick 15 minute live training to support you to clarify your signature offer

1. Make a list of all your passions
2. Write down the bullet points of your Hero’s Journey & Heroine’s Journey
a. Challenges
b. Triumphs or Ecstatic Events
3. Personal & Professional Training & Experience
4. Where can these meet a grounded need in the market place which means something people are looking for and willing to pay for
5. Make a list of 10 ideas
6. Talk to everyone you know about your ideas and collect information to clarify your signature program

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Discover your Soul Purpose

Discover Soul Purpose

Are you a spiritual seeker looking to discover soul purpose and connect to the deeper meaning of your life?

Would you like to embody your soul purpose?

Do want to live connected to your life purpose?

In this training I share the common misconceptions that often cause women to get stuck on her journey to embody her soul purpose.

I share three powerful pathways to explore to get more in touch with your life purpose in this quick 15 minute training.

Watch this live training to connect your purpose, passion and power to enjoy health, wealth and great love.

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