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Centering Practice for Intense Times

It’s a daily challenge to navigate and process current events.

Inner guidance: Start working with the Improvisation principle of “Yes and…” with current events in order to stay centered.

Me: there is NO FLIPPING WAY I can say “YES AND” to any of this!

Inner guidance: So… resistance and denial are your choice?

Me: OK FINE! I’ll try.

I acknowledge my resistance and start practicing anyway.

In a short time I realize the ‘Yes’ is *NOT* saying Yes in agreement with sh*tshow that is happening, it allows me to stay present and accept what is.

The ‘YES’ makes me available to take action in response to what is happening instead of staying stuck in fear and overwhelm.

The ‘Yes’ supports me to stay in my power AND be part of the change.

Me: Inner guidance you are so wise! I am glad I followed your advice!

Please share this post and share in the comments: What practices are you using to stay present and grounded?

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Practice Surrender

Practice Surrender to Live Aligned with Soul Purpose

We are in an intense phase of collective dissolution which can feel stressful and hard to manage.

A Phoenix Life Reset is a conscious journey of Life, Death and Rebirth which can be instigated by a collective or personal tragedy, death of a loved one, health crisis, getting laid off, or the end of a marriage which calls us to WAKE UP!

We receive the cosmic call to muster the courage to move beyond the edges of our comfort zone and live aligned with love.

I created this free healing journey for you to explore the death phase and practice surrendering into the void space of the unknown in order to more gracefully enter the rebirth phase.

Our collective relationship with death is one of avoidance and resistance which can lead to burnout and overwhelm.

In this healing journey you will travel to the dark and potent core of Mother Earth in order to release resistance and prepare for the rebirth phase and a conscious creative phase.


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Manifest in Life & Business

Manifest in Life & Business

Real talk about how to manifest in your life and business.

Step One: Clearly articulate what you want

Step Two: Actively clear the physical, mental, emotion and energetic path in order to receive what you want

In this video I share a recent experience of discovering a block to manifesting what I want in my business.

Stay tuned for updates as this story unfolds!

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Soul Purpose Oracle ~ November Crystal Codes

Soul Purpose Oracle Reading from the Sacred Crystal Codes Deck

*The more specific your question the more potent the answer*

Take a deeper breath.
Soften your face & shoulders.
Ask the Sacred Crystals and your inner guidance to pick a card to guide, inspire or uplift you.

Post the number of your choice in the comments below.
You will receive a mini energy healing to support your alignment with your soul purpose.


Sacred Crystal Codes Oracle Reading

Thank you for joining me this week. Please let me know how this lands for you! 🙂 Are there any additional insights you would like to add?

Take a deep breath as you open and receive the message from the Sacred Crystal Codes Deck. Listen to your inner guidance and intuitive feelings and move beyond the logical mind.

#1 Rebirth
What can you let go of that no longer serves you? You are invited to awaken the dormant gifts that are waiting to be activated in your body, mind & being. Follow your inspiration and take action to clear out the old and activate what is in alignment with your soul purpose.

#2 Protection
You are ready for the next evolution in your healing journey. Protection & boundaries are an important aspect of living in this intense time of human evolution. Is there someone or something you need or want to forgive that will allow an even great expression of your purpose? Take time to explore any contracts or agreements you have made with yourself or others and decide is they still serve the You that You are becoming.

#3 Guilt
Listen to your intuition and follow your soul path. Purify and protect yourself from the thoughts, feelings and projections of others onto you. It is essential that you remain steadfast in your journey of living in alignment with your purpose knowing that people you love may not always support you. How can you stay open and connected yet not let disapproval or questioning from loved ones deter your from your path of truth?

ps: the beautiful Sacred Crystal Codes deck is created by Patricia Missakian of the Akashic Records Institute

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Crisis of Meaning

How can you set down the masks that keeps you from expressing who you are?

Where can you expand into being more of who you want to be?

Are you living aligned with your values?

If you had one year to life what would you do differently?

I believe most midlife crisis are a crisis of meaning… What is a crisis of meaning?

Watch the video to find out how to take one courageous step at a time towards your purpose.

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