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Manifest in Life & Business

Manifest in Life & Business

Real talk about how to manifest in your life and business.

Step One: Clearly articulate what you want

Step Two: Actively clear the physical, mental, emotion and energetic path in order to receive what you want

In this video I share a recent experience of discovering a block to manifesting what I want in my business.

Stay tuned for updates as this story unfolds!

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Manifest Money with Ease & Grace

Manifest Money with Clear Structure & Creative Flow

Manifesting money is the most common item that I see spiritual business women working on since it is fundamental to support all areas of life & business.

Let’s talk about essential ingredients of Structure & Flow in order to manifest money.

A healthy relationship with money depends on the integration of our inner masculine and inner feminine.

Structure is an expression of the divine masculine while creative flow is an expression of feminine energy.

If you are not where you would like to be in your relationship with money I encourage you to focus on creating clear structure for the creative flow of money into your life and all your accounts.

A dedicated focus on healing and balancing the Inner Masculine & Feminine will support you to manifest what you desire most.

Step One: Create a Clear Structure to Manifest Money

A clear container for your relationship with money is essential to create financial freedom.

What is the structure of your relationship with money?

How you feel about money?

What pathways are available for you to receive and spend money?

Are you showing up Monday through Friday and engaging in your relationship with money?

Where you keep your money? (not only the physical money but also your bank accounts)

These questions all help clarify your structure for a healthy & prosperous relationship with money.


Step Two: Creative Flow to Manifest Money

Create Flow to Manifest Money: Cultivate clear pathways that the energy of money can freely flow into and out of your accounts.

Flow also relates to your creativity whether you are working or running a business.

How do you creatively engage in the process of money flowing in and money flowing out?

Are you open to and seeking new opportunities?

Are you regularly clearing out possessions, people & habits that you no longer need in your life?

Do you pay your bills on time and with gratitude?

When you spend money are you feeling good about participating in the creative flow of money?


A healthy thriving relationship with money depends on clear structures, creative flow and active participation of your body, mind, heart and soul

When we come into alignment with our Soul Purpose and serve the highest good through our personal healing we can manifest money & opportunities with ease and grace.

Manifest Money & Soul Purpose Wealth

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Unspoken Truth about the Coaching Biz

Christel & Julia have a real conversation (in a gorgeous location BTW) about the dark side of the coaching biz.

How can we have healthy relationships in coach/client or teacher/student relationships?

What transformation is possible?

How can we do our best to steer clear of the pitfalls of losing ourself in a coaching connection?

This video was a BLAST to film… how do you have fun with your friends? 😉

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Ready to Book Speaking Engagements?

I was recently interviewed for an article about How to Land Speaking Gigs By Tor Refsland

What’s your #1 tip for landing high-profile speaking gigs?

My number one tip for landing speaking engagements is to speak, embody breathe and BE the magic power of your business every moment you are working in and on your business. Your presence and power will attract opportunities to speak on a variety of stages in person and online.

My first speaking engagement lead a $10,000 client agreement, I started public speaking before i thought I ready yet I was courageous enough to start, I haven’t looked back. Embodied Confidence and delivering real world value from stage have been keys to my success.

How long did it take you to get there?

My speaker training started when I attended my first Yoga Teacher Training in 1999. I hired my first speaking coach in 2009 when I decided to pursue speaking outside of teaching. I am always actively seeking to improve my speaking and presentation skills with vocal and embodiment training and with the main focus being SPEAK, BROADCAST & PERFORM AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

Check out the Full Article Here: How to Land Speaking Gigs

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Soul Purpose Oracle July 13, 2017

Soul Purpose Oracle Reading from Goddess Isis Oracle:
Take a deeper breath.
Soften your face & shoulders.
Ask your inner guidance to pick a card to guide, inspire or uplift you.

Post the number of your choice in the comments below. You will receive a mini energy healing to support your alignment with your soul purpose.


Goddess Isis Oracle Says:

#1 Ancient Power Mysteries ~ Hear the Rattle of Isis Playing

Honor the power of your voice as you speak, write, sing and express your vision. Your voice holds the power to heal or destroy, it’s important that you recognize this potential and channel this power in service to the highest good. Trust in the flow of the divine and work to bring your words and body into greater alignment with your Soul’s Mission.

#2 Knot of Isis ~ Energetic Stabilization with the Buckle of the Beloved

Part of your destiny in this life is to heal and flourish through the Divine Feminine in her many forms. Men and women are invited to allow the weaving of feminine power into your body more fully as this integrates your body and soul. Your body shines with the inner light of your soul. Aligned action comes easily as your energy body is protected, guided and inspired by your connection with the Divine Feminine.

#3 Pyramid of Light ~ Step your Vibration Deeper into Love

You are receiving confirmation of your growing spiritual and psychic powers which are calling you to a higher level of responsibility. It’s important to recognize the power of the shadow and darkness to be able to identify the source of the information and guidance you are receiving. Make sure to keep up (or create) your clearing, grounding and protecting practices in order to stay connected to the power of your light and ability to embrace the shadow as well.

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