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Shadow Work Basics

Shadow Work Basics is a conversation focused on basic principles of shadow work and the questions that often start with, “what is shadow work and where can I start my exploration?”

Join us to explore the foundation principles of our shadow which is being more widely recognized in the world of healing & transformation.

Shadow work explores our unconscious thoughts, beliefs, habits, patterns and wounds. As we learn to embrace challenging emotions and wounded parts of ourselves we are able to integrate the outcast parts of ourselves which is essential on the path of self-love for personal and global healing.

I am excited Julie Balderrama recently interviewed me and our conversation is filled with mind and heart opening insights!

Highlights of the Shadow Work Basics Interview:

  • Step into your ability to say No
  • Tap in to the power hidden in your shadow
  • Learn to embrace your challenging emotions
  • Integrate all parts of you in order to enjoy self-love
  • Life obstacles are gateways to living your Soul Purpose

For more information visit:

Julie Balderrama at Heart Mind Qi

Christel: Unlock the Power of your Purpose in a Soul Purpose Clarity Session & Explore Shadow Work 


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Loving the Shadows in your Soul

I had the pleasure to Interview Carl John about his recently released book, album and audio book called “The Journey Home.”
On the Sacred Body Ruch Life show he describes a series of jaw-dropping external exploits and fascinating inner experiences with twists and turns that ultimately reveal his natural healing gifts and true purpose, our oneness, and the reason for our suffering.
We talk about the “Dark side of the Soul” and how he learned to transform his life and learn to serve others with sound, music and healing along the way.
The Journey Home is an intimate performance interweaving live music and stories of self-discovery and lessons of faith.
Through his unique blend of soul-healing music, words and song, Carl John takes the audience on a fascinating journey from a life of material wealth and the pursuit of pleasure through near-destitution.
Laced with humor, sex, mysticism, and addiction, this acoustic satsang is one you will never forget.

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Navigate Conflict without Creating Drama

Have you even been shamed for being too intense and emotional?

I recently had an online conflict with a man I don’t know.

It was instigated from a post I shared on social media asking about online dating profiles of men that seem unwilling/unable/uninterested to handle the intensity of emotions.

I want to be clear that this message is NOT saying that all men are bad (they are not) yet I have found a core wound in our current paradigm that has wounded MEN & WOMEN and creates a common belief that intense emotions are bad.

This video is a real time conversation about a disagreement between Christel Arcucci & Ken Blackman.

A conflict arose in the thread below my Facebook post,
“Online dating profile question: What does it mean when men write, “I don’t like drama.”

What it means to me is “I don’t know how to handle the intensity of a woman’s emotions/or I don’t want to… in which case I am not interested.

What’s your perspective?”

Click here to see or comment on the original Facebook post

In the thread it became clear we disagreed on a core concept in our respective coaching practices and it was also clear that writing on a FB thread was an unlikely place to resolve the conflict…. so I reached out to Ken to see if he would be open to explore the conversation on video to share with you. He said yes and here is the conversation!

Check out the interview: How to Navigate Conflict without Creating Drama

with love & the power of awakening,
christel xxo

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If you have questions please ask in the comments below this post or under the video

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Phoenix Rising Stories

The Power of Women’s Phoenix Rising stories:

June has been a rough month of grieving for me. This month marks 22 years since my older sister’s death and the last time I saw my mother…. oh yes, father’s day is in June too! UGH 🙁

Death creates a certain flavor of grief.

Losing my mother is a special kind of challenge and mind-f**k.

I surrender to grief.
I journey to the underworld.
I allow all the emotions I would rather not feel.

I listen to the voices in my head:

Inner critic: “Get over it! 22 years since your sister died…and you still cry?”

Unconditional love: “it’s ok to cry honey, I will hold you.”

Inner critic:”You will never see your mother again, let go!”

Unconditional Love: “Love never dies, let love wash over and through you.”

Inner Critic: “Why can’t you be happy for all the years your father was alive?”

Inner Wisdom: “Write a book called Forbidden Phoenix.”

me: Wait, what? Write a book now?”

Inner wisdom: “Create a book, podcast series and video collaboration with women who have experienced the intensity of life changing events and their stories of rising from the ashes. This project will highlight the Rising Power of Women’s Voices and create a sacred space for your unspoken truth…”

me: OK, Here we go!

We are coming together and rising from the ashes of the global changes we are facing.

May we support the process of Awakening!

The Rising Power of Women’s Unspoken Truth: Book, Podcast Series & Video Collaboration

A soul gathering where deep listening happens, where truths are revealed, on the sacred ground of transformational healing for generations past, present and future.

If you or any women you know who like to be interviewed please click the link in the first comment to answer the interview questions.

With love and the power of awakening,
christel xxo

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Unseen Magic

Christel Arcucci ~ Prosperity Mentor
The most precious relationship in my life is with the unseen, with what i call Magic…the space between what’s real and what possible.

My connection to Source, to Truth, to Self has been my lifeline since i was a little girl. As a child i could see, hear and feel what is not being said. When i was small i did not have a guide to help me understand and find my way.

Luckily I choose a path of healing for my professional and have gotten paid for my ability to see, hear, feel and invite change for healing and awakening. This choice has supported me to invest the majority of my time, energy and money to my path.

At times i feel lonely since my inner sanctuary is often void of people. I have felt that something is “wrong” with me because i am alone a LOT.

I am embracing who i am, my strengths, my brilliance, and the power of my BE-ing. My life is shifting fast since i stopped struggling and trying to make myself be what i am not.

I walk between worlds.

I am a teacher, a student, and a guide who is dedicated to the path of awakening.

I am committed to soul alignment for myself and our community.

I am in service to building the bridge and being the bridge for love.

I am opening, softening, and allowing my gifts to create positive and powerful change in the world.

And so it is.

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