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Be Curious & Face your Fear

Sep 10, 2019

Raven teaches me a BIG lesson in being curious about fear.

I’m in the office working after dark with the window open when I see eyes looking in at me  

I scream!

Not a little scream  but a bloody murder kind of scream.

The eyes move closer instead of away and Raven’s face is revealed by the light in the room.

“OH MY GOODNESS CAT!” I nervously exclaim.

The cat is standing on top of the grill outside the window and leans in to see what I am screaming about.

My heart is pounding and adrenaline pumping.

She is not fazed or afraid, just curious... “what are you screaming about?”

I wish I was more curious and less afraid when I am scared.

How can I lean in when I am afraid instead of run away?

Here's the thing I am afraid to talk to you about:

I am afraid to share my *FULL* passion for supporting women and girls to create financial freedom through being seen, heard and financially supported doing what she loves.

What am I afraid? 

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