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Build Confidence & Heal your Root Chakra

Sep 28, 2019

Root Chakra Healing Practice:

Easy and quick breath & movement practice to ground and center your body and mind in order to build confidence, focus, clarity, presence and improve your posture.

This Root Chakra healing Practice includes Posture, Breath and Affirmations.

A Healing practice that settle your energy, move out of stress response, and shift a commonly experienced core wound of not feeling safe or feeling anxious often stuck in the Root Chakra.

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Activate your Personal Power - Third Chakra Practice

Sep 26, 2019

Third Chakra Practice: Activate your Personal Power (8 minute video practice)

Transformational practice to shift the common blocks of the victim/perpetrator/rescuer triangle.

Clear soul level blocks and core wounds in order to experience greater clarity in regards to using our personal power in service to the highest good.

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