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Money Mantra to Create Wealth

Sep 27, 2019

Here's a quick video practice to create money, it's fun, playful and it works!

This practice will shift how you feel about money and clear blocks to attracting abundance with the power of sound & vibration.

Attracting Money by raising your Frequency

Pay attention as limiting beliefs soften in your body-mind as you repeat the sacred mantra.

I know you may be wondering, "Can transforming money blocks and dissolving limiting beliefs be fun?"

I say a full body-mind-soul Yes!

I challenge you to do this practice FULL ON and let yourself laugh! You may have to practice a few times before you can let yourself play full out and I promise it will be worth the effort.

Are you ready to transform your limiting beliefs about money in order to make money doing what you LOVE? Join the Free Mystic Money Jumpstart Course with your name and email below.

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Don't Make a Budget

Sep 24, 2019

Many spiritual women would rather *NOT* have to deal with money. The desire to avoid money of and the belief that having or wanting money makes you greedy creates a internal conflict which set women up to struggle with money and building wealth.

Most women have been taught to "manage money," "create a budget," and "spend less and save more" in order to get ahead.

While these practice CAN increase your wealth they mostly reinforce fear programs and aversion to create a sustainable LOVE RELATIONSHIP with money,


Yes, please keep reading!

Take a slow deep breath and get ready to reprogram your limiting beliefs about money in order to create a Rich Life.

Client: Would you be willing to share how you do your budget?

Me: How does budgeting make you feel?

Client: Awful, I hate it.

Me: Then why do it? I don't budget.

Client: What?! Would you say more?

Me: I have a long term loving and committed...

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