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Don't Make a Budget

Sep 24, 2019

Many spiritual women would rather *NOT* have to deal with money. The desire to avoid money of and the belief that having or wanting money makes you greedy creates a internal conflict which set women up to struggle with money and building wealth.

Most women have been taught to "manage money," "create a budget," and "spend less and save more" in order to get ahead.

While these practice CAN increase your wealth they mostly reinforce fear programs and aversion to create a sustainable LOVE RELATIONSHIP with money,


Yes, please keep reading!

Take a slow deep breath and get ready to reprogram your limiting beliefs about money in order to create a Rich Life.

Client: Would you be willing to share how you do your budget?

Me: How does budgeting make you feel?

Client: Awful, I hate it.

Me: Then why do it? I don't budget.

Client: What?! Would you say more?

Me: I have a long term loving and committed...

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Abundance of Money & Time Aligned with Purpose

Sep 23, 2019

Free Akashic Records Reading

The Akashic Records are a timeless "library" of everything that has even happened and all future possibilities. The present is being written as we speak which means it is possible to write the future based on your dreams and desires

Soul Purpose Oracle Audio: Create Money in Alignment in with My Dharma

Soul Purpose Oracle Audio: Reset your Time & Money Experience

Soul Purpose Oracle Audio: Create Money without a Job

Be Present & Create the Future you Envision

Are you ready to transform your limiting beliefs about money in order to make money doing what you LOVE? sign up for the Free Mystic Money Jumpstart Course with your name and email below.

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Back Pain Reset Practice

Sep 20, 2019

9 Minute Lower Back Reset - Quick breath and movement practice to transform everyday activities into healing exercises.

We will restore strength, flexibility and confidence in order to move without fear of your back going out.


 Would you like more support to reset your back pain?

Sign up for the Free Back Pain Freedom Method Training below

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5 steps to Love your Body & Build Confidence

Sep 17, 2019
5 steps to Love your Body & Build Confidence
1. Breathe more Deeply
2. Pay attention to the Contrast of Contraction & Relaxation
3. Move your Body in Anyway that Feels Good
4. Touch your body <  Yes! LOVE IT UP with affection and words of kindness!
5. Discover your Turn on and TURN IT UP!
Now, practice all of these as you read the following writing:
“You cannot write about your pleasure-body, are you crazy?!" my inner critic's voice booms

Yes, I can. Yes, I will. Yes, I am.

I delight in the reunion with my pleasure-body.

I open my self, my soul, my female animal body to greater pleasure, power, ecstatic dancing and play.

I dance with bouncing breasts,
I open my legs to feel the pleasure of movement,
I dare to enjoy the delight of my human body-mind,
I embrace the tragedy of media manufactured ideals of Feminine Beauty.
I feel waves of freedom and fear crash into me.
Rush in 
Release out
Breathe in
Breathe out

Every breath an...
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Be Curious & Face your Fear

Sep 10, 2019

Raven teaches me a BIG lesson in being curious about fear.

I’m in the office working after dark with the window open when I see eyes looking in at me  

I scream!

Not a little scream  but a bloody murder kind of scream.

The eyes move closer instead of away and Raven’s face is revealed by the light in the room.

“OH MY GOODNESS CAT!” I nervously exclaim.

The cat is standing on top of the grill outside the window and leans in to see what I am screaming about.

My heart is pounding and adrenaline pumping.

She is not fazed or afraid, just curious... “what are you screaming about?”

I wish I was more curious and less afraid when I am scared.

How can I lean in when I am afraid instead of run away?

Here's the thing I am afraid to talk to you about:

I am afraid to share my *FULL* passion for supporting women and girls to create financial freedom through being seen, heard and financially supported doing what she loves.

What am I afraid? 

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