Spiritual Art of Wealth

Virtual Course ~ Available on Demand

Attune, Align & Activate Soul Purpose Business Success

For Heart-Centered Women, Healers, Coaches & Teachers ready to Create Financial Freedom in Alignment with Soul Purpose

It’s time. Time to step into your power. Time to share your gifts. Time to make a profit as you make a difference. You are here to serve and ready to be financially abundant doing what you love.

In this course we will shift from financial fear to financial freedom by activating spiritual & creative principles to support your soul purpose life and business success:

  • Transform your Limiting Beliefs about Money
  • Build the Foundation to Attract Abundance
  • Create a Generous Mission-driven Relationship with Money
  • Connect to your Authentic Desire for Prosperity
  • Activate your Soul-Centered Abundance Agreements

Shift from Financial Fear to Financial Freedom

The truth is, money is a vehicle. Money can be used for positive transformation or money can be used to destroy. The current paradigm of struggling healers and starving artists not having the resources to create change must be deconstructed. We can no longer afford to let our global leaders exploit our planet, people, animals and resources. It’s up to each of us to heal our relationship with money in order to create a powerful and positive impact in the world with our mission & message. I am happy you said yes to this transformational journey. I encourage you to be patient and persistent in changing your relationship with money. It’s your time to shine the brilliant essence of your soul-calling as a profitable soul purpose business. Connect to your Authentic Desire for Prosperity

This Program is for you if:

You are ready to dive deep into your limiting beliefs about Money
You are on a Soul Purpose Path and want to amplify your Spiritual Gifts
You understand that money is vehicle that can be use for positive change

Activate your Spiritual Gifts & Creative Principles to Design Life & Business Success

Here’s what you will receive to Jumpstart the Flow of Money into your Bank Account:
8 Audio Trainings & Activations: Spiritual Art of Wealth Prosperity System
Spiritual Art of Wealth Journal ~ Align your Money Desires, Beliefs & Agreements
3 Email Check-ins with Christel

Spiritual Art of Wealth Program $188

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I believe in you, your mission and we the Soul Purpose Network are the change!
With love, christel xxo

Activate your Spiritual Gifts & Creative Principles to Design Life & Business Success