Soul Success Design Ritual

A one-to-one ritual for women to create true alignment
with pleasure, feminine power, purpose & prosperity

Following the whispering of your intuition guides you home.
Touching the truth of your soul sets you free.

Then why does it feel so challenging to follow the truth you know in your bones?

I imagine you are sensitive, strong, intuitive, creative, visionary and hearing the call to live in alignment with your Soul Purpose. Coasting along while half-living is no longer an option.

You can’t deny yourself or your dreams for another second. Your inner wisdom has been speaking to you since birth yet you were trained to mistrust the voice of our soul from an early age. It’s time to reclaim the feminine creative powers of listening, allowing, feeling and healing.

There are infinite expressions of feminine power and the fierce feminine has had enough of women playing small, hiding and letting the forces of greed and destruction run the world. I know you are feeling HER intense call to AWAKEN! The Heroine’s Journey creates diamond strength and gemstone clarity beyond what we can imagine yet the amount of force and fire it takes to create this beauty can feel hard to handle.

You are not experiencing a “life transition,” you’re in a sacred initiation & rite of passage into the life you are born to live. It feels like your life depends upon activating your soul purpose, because you can no longer deny the calling of your soul.

In this cauldron of transformation, you may be feeling the depths of grief, fear, loneliness, depression, exhaustion while knowing on a cellular level that your DNA is being aligned and activated to fulfill your divine mission. You have known moments of alignment by the truth bumps that dance on your skin or the shiver that runs up your spine with undeniable soul truth.

Your current stage of burning through the old is uncomfortable but necessary in order for the PHOENIX to rise from the ashes, the good news is that you don’t need to do this alone, in fact you can’t. The sisterhood is being restored, the healing web is being repaired and each one of us are an essential part of this collaboration & global awakening. Being supported doesn’t mean you are weak, it is an integral part of balancing the masculine and feminine energies on the planet.

My soul purpose is supporting women to awaken intuition, align with soul purpose and enjoy an empowered relationship with money. I am honored to be in service to the global awakening of conscious business in alignment with the greater good.

We all need teachers, mentors and friends in the physical and invisible realm. I would be honored to support you as a physical and energetic soul purpose ally.

Soul Success Design is an intimate ritual experience for women ready for greater power, pleasure, play and prosperity.

A Soul Success Design Ritual can support you if:
You know in your bones you are here for something BIG yet feel stuck
You’re done playing small and denying your dreams
You are in the midst of a health, financial or relationship crisis
You have gifts and talents that are not being used in your current life or business
You know you need to change your relationship with money and power
You feel exhausted, lost or depressed by what’s happening in your life
You are overwhelmed and afraid by the state of the economy and the environment

You can expect to:
Connect with your passion and soul purpose
Have a clear path in going forward without compromising yourself or the greater good
Create regular rituals to move your body-mind & inspire your heart
Remember what pleasure and play feel like

Soul Success Design Ritual includes:
Hands-on Soul Purpose Healing & Gemstone Healing
Remembering your Soul Calling with deep guided visualization
Recognizing the power of your Heroine’s Journey & the Soul-Allies waiting to support you
Rewiring your brain for alignment with your Soul Truth
Rewriting the stories that are stopping you from being, doing and having what you want

Soul Success Design Ritual Details:
A deep dive intimate ritual with you, me & your soul
Takes place in a beautiful & private healing space in Walnut Creek
The retreat is totally personalized and customized to your needs right now
This is not an overnight retreat, i can assist you to secure overnight accommodations which are not included in this price.

The key to manifesting YOUR BIG VISION is knowing what you want and NEVER giving up on your DREAM! In service to your soul success  we will craft personalized success path rituals to TURN you ON & LIGHT you UP which may include: yoga, dance, nature, nutrition, meditation, touch, intimacy, writing, reading and chanting to awaken and align with your intuition while activating your soul purpose calling every day.

You will take home your Soul Purpose Vision and the Soul Success Journal to support you with accountability, implementation & soul celebration.

Soul Success Design has nothing to do with hustling, trying to be perfect or adding more to your to do list. It’s about settling into the exquisite daily rhythm of your divine mission.

In the last few years I have focused on working with coaching clients over the phone while limiting the availability of in person session. I have been actively moving away from hands-on work yet something inside me couldn’t give up this kind of connection. Many clients expressed a sense of loss in my moving away from bodywork and energy healing since touch is one of my greatest gifts. This is my first offering of integrating hands-on  & in person work with the deep soul purpose healing work i have created in the last few years.

I have limited spots available for Soul Purpose Healing Ritual. If you have been wanting to work with me one-on-one and in person I encourage you to reach you to me now if you feel the call.

Option #1: Soul Purpose Ritual – One Day Immersion $1888
Includes: Soul Success Design Calls before and after the retreat

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Option #2:Soul Purpose Ritual Two Day Immersion $2888
Includes: Soul Success Design Calls before and after the retreat
I can assist you to secure accommodations in the area which are not included in the price

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If you know this offering is for you: Let’s set up a time to talk about what you are struggling with, your dreams, your soul purpose and how I can support you to activate the power of your Soul Purpose.