Soul Purpose Podcast with Christel Arcucci

Are you deeply connected to your Soul Purpose? Do you long to create a lasting Legacy from your heart-work? Are you struggling to feel empowered with money? Do you allow yourself to enjoy sexual exploration? Do you feel free to creatively express yourself? I see an epidemic with women that feel exhausted, stressed and burned out and I created this podcast to support you. It’s time to create a new conversation and experience that integrates your Soul Purpose into your life and business. I know you are ready to step into our power. You are inspired to share our gifts. Let’s create a movement of profitable businesses run be awaken and powered women committed to making a positive impact. You are here to serve and you are ready to be financially supported doing what you love. This podcast is here to support you to do activate your dream and manifest your potential in your life and business.


Coming Home Wherever You Are ~ Soul Purpose Podcast 16 

Host: christel arcucci
Guest: Sama Morningstar helps people returning home from major life changing experiences at retreats, workshops, vacations, childbirth, disaster, or tragedy. She supports them to feel at home in their life and in their own skin. Sama helps clients to access & trust their inner wisdom to guide them home.

This show will support you to come home to yourself anywhere & anytime with powerful tools and inspiration. If you have been away on retreat or are navigating a force of nature destroying your home, Sama’s expert guidance will open your body-mind-heart to a deep and nourishing sense of HOME.

Sama’s website:


Create Success On Your Own Terms ~ Soul Purpose Podcast 15 

Host: christel arcucci
Guest: Jen Duchene helps women create their own version of Success – joy-full, soul-full, and on their OWN TERMS.
Embracing her lifelong passion and intuitive gifts, Jen offers her clients a rare mastery of both Astronumerology and Akashic Healing. Through this powerful blend of ancient wisdom, Jen helps her clients fast-track healing to change lifelong patterns that don’t serve, and to reclaim their personal power in their business and personal lives.

In this is show we talk about the power of accessing our Akashic records for healing. Jen takes us on a healing journey to release that which keeps us hidden and invisible in our lives so we can create success on our own terms.

Jen’s website:


The Science & Art Of Living In Harmony ~ Soul Purpose Podcast 14 

Click here to listen: The Science & Art of Living in Harmony
Host: christel arcucci
Guest: Jana Kilgore has been fascinated with our connection to nature, spirit, health and the ways that we can either nurture our health and the natural world OR we can wreak havoc on ourselves and nature. Jana works with students and clients to reconnect to the natural world outside and within through Yoga, Nutritional Therapy, Herbal Medicine, Backpacking and Bodywork.

This show helps us to honor our bodies as we are by accepting our unique gifts through the lens of Ayurveda and the Doshas: Vata, Pitta & Kapha. We share the power of nurturing our digestive fire, called Agni in Ayurveda in our lives for a vibrant body, awakened heart and crystalline mind.

Jana’s website:


Co-Creating Women’s Community ~ Soul Purpose Podcast 13 

Click here to listen: Co-Creating Women’s Community
Host: christel arcucci
Guest: Michelle Stransky was the Conference Director at Wisdom 2.0 leading the team in hosting events in San Francisco, New York and Europe from groups of up to 2,000. After answering the inner call of her Soul Purpose Michelle founded WisdomWomen.

In this show we talk about the power and challenges of creating community for women. Michelle asks the question “How can we as women radically co-create our lives and world in a new way?” For years, Michelle has both participated in and led women’s events, circles and courses and is committed to the journey of embodied wisdom within herself and for other women.

Michelle’s website:


Sisterhood as a Spiritual Practice ~ Soul Purpose Podcast 12 

Click here to listen: Sisterhood as a Spiritual Practice
Host: christel arcucci
Guest: Jessica Hadari is fulfilling her mission to showcase the brilliance of feminine wisdom, Jessica Hadari puts over 90 women healers, leaders and educators on her stage each year. Jessica is the Founder of FEM talks, an alliance of women speakers. She is a mother, volunteer hospice caregiver, and she is committed to Unconditional Sisterhood as a spiritual practice.

I am honored to call Jessica Hadari a dear friend and colleague. Join us for an inspiring conversation about creating sisterhood, the challenges we face and how we can nurture this new paradigm of sisterhood as a spiritual practice.

Free Access to Jessica’s Healing Through Powerful Emotions Summit:


The Power of Desire to Awaken your Soul Purpose ~ Soul Purpose Podcast 11 

Host: christel arcucci
Guest: Cory Center and his wife Becky work together teaching ancient wisdom for building relationships. They are passionate about helping you align with your purpose, connect to your power and realize your dreams. They have combined the magic of the East and West in a unique way that will help you tap into your essence and create the life you have always desired.

Join the discussion of the Four Desires as a path to awakening your Soul Purpose in your Life and Business:
Path & Purpose ~ Dharma
Prosperity ~ Artha
Pleasure & Partnership ~ Kama
Liberation ~ Moksha

Cory’s website:


Speak your Truth ~ Soul Purpose Podcast 10 

Host: christel arcucci
Guest: Lynne Sagen is an Empowerment Coach, Speaker, Event & Business Strategist who believes that amazing things happen when you say YES!

In this show we talk about Lynne Speaking her Truth and shaving her head on stage because she was hiding and knew it was time to “come out,” step into her greatness, share her stories, her triumphs and her humanity.

Lynne’s website:


Authentic Spiritually Aligned Business ~ Soul Purpose Podcast 9 

Click here to listen: Authentic Spiritually Aligned Business

Host: christel arcucci
Guest: Julia Kline is a speaker, author and business coach, whose work around Sales Wounds and how to heal them is a much-needed re-examination of traditional sales practices, and why they often don’t work in the New Economy.

In this show we talk about the art of salesmanship, intuition, authenticity in business & exploring a transformational approach to business and sales.

Julia’s website:


Receive Support & Cultivate Inner Knowing ~ Soul Purpose Podcast 8 

Host: christel arcucci
Guest: Julie Balderrama supports women to transform harsh self talk and harmful habits into Unconditional Self Love, in order to feel Confident, Sensual, Radiant and Full of Awesome!

How do we receive support while we cultivate our ability to trust ourselves? How to be coached and connect with our inner knowing? Often get stuck in the pattern of giving our power away to authority figures as we compromise our self or our desires, this show focuses on how to break free of this cycle.

Julie’s website:


Fighting Fire ~ Soul Purpose Podcast 7 

Host: christel arcucci
Guest: Kevin fire fighter & paramedic

The gravity of the many WILDFIRES that are burning in California inspired me to do an interview to honor the fire & medical teams that are risking their lives to defend human lives, property and the environment.

In “Fighting Fire” i talk with Kevin who is a fire fighter and paramedic who is passionate about helping people navigate the crisis of FIRE and or medical emergency. After getting a degree in business and sitting in a cubicle Kevin discovered his soul purpose by being on the front lines in fire fighting & helping the community as a paramedic.

You can donate to a Sacramento burn treatment facility:…health-care-workers


Healing the Wounded Feminine Heart ~ Soul Purpose Podcast 6 

Host: christel arcucci
Guest: Barry Selby is the Heart-Break Repair Specialist, dedicated to serving women. He empowers successful single women to embrace and own their feminine power, to heal their hearts and learn to love again, and to attract their true equal in inspired, loving relationships. He is a #1 best-selling author, professional speaker, and relationship expert.

This Soul Purpose Podcast helps us to recognize patterns we repeat in our romantic relationships and how to shift them.Barry shares the importance for men to be connected to their purpose and how he discovered his purpose to support women to heal their heart and create loving relationships.

Barry Selby’s website:


Healing Women’s “You are too much” Wound ~ Soul Purpose Podcast 5

Are you done with the story that YOU ARE TOO MUCH in your Life and Business?!

Click here to listen: Liberating the Wild Feminine & Ditch the “You are too Much” Story

Host: christel arcucci
Guest: Yarah Sutra

This episode of the Soul Purpose Podcast calls for MORE OF YOU with the incredible Yarah Sutra, an initiated priestess that has dedicated her life to empowering women around the world. The creatrix of Unapologetically, Woman! Yarah guides a pleasure-filled journey back to the body and teaches how to ROCK Your Feminine Power. This conversation covers the first 3 pillars of her Signature System: Self Expression, Embodiment and Self-Pleasure. Join us for a JUICY conversation and stay tuned for an upcoming podcast of the next 2 pillars to Rock your Feminine Power.

Yarah Sutra’s website:


Be Visible & Authentic in your Life and your Business ~ Soul Purpose Podcast 4

GOT VISIBILITY in your Life and Business?!
Host: christel arcucci
Guest: Michelle White Hart

This episode of the Soul Purpose Podcast with Michelle shares secrets to heal our visibility wounds that keep us playing small in our life and business.

Michelle is leading the way as a PIONEER in our community with the periscope challenge. Periscope has been A MASSIVE BOOST to the success of my business. Check out how broadcasting is bringing ideal clients into my Soul Purpose Business on this podcast.

Michelle’s website:


Discovering & Healing Your Soul’s Voice ~ Soul Purpose Podcast 3

Click here to listen: Discover & Heal your Soul’s Voice
Host: christel arcucci
Guest: Arianna Newcomer

Healing the soul’s voice to joyfully express your divine purpose. We focus on how to speak with power and confidence, communicate your message, and create highly successful, deeply fulfilling businesses that change the world.

Ariana’s Website:

How do you express your power through speaking your truth in your life and biz?


Soul Purpose Podcast 2 ~ SexMoneySoul episode with christel & Anastasia Netri

Who wants to talk about SexMoneySoul? Anastasia Netri and i DO!

Check out this juicy podcast about the inner transformation that being an entrepreneur calls us to. Anastasia shares about her rebranding process and a recent MASSIVE spiritual awakening experience. She inspires me with her ability to be vulnerable, transparent and calling it like it is.

Anastasia’s website:
How do you experience the connection between sexmoneysoul in your life and biz?


Soul Purpose Podcast 1 ~ SexMoneySoul episode with Christel & David Buettner

Listen to our conversation about the Integrating of Sex, Money & Soul into daily life as a sacred practice for personal & financial fulfillment in alignment with the greater good of all beings.