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Soul Success Design Business Coaching

Heal the Source of What’s Holding you Back
Activate your Divine Gifts to Create Business Success

Deep healing happens when we shine light into the shadows of our mind and heart in order to mine the gems from life changing events. On our soul purpose business path and hero’s journey is called “the return,” where we courageously return to our family and community to share the wisdom and insights we have gained from our journey.

It is an intense time in the world and I don’t see any signs of the pace or intensity decreasing. On a daily basis I hear about women feeling: depressed, overwhelmed, exhausted, broke, afraid, alone etc.

Do you feel an INNER PRESSURE to align with soul purpose and stop denying our soul’s calling?

Often it takes a personal tragedy, death of a loved one, health crisis, getting laid off, or the dissolution of a marriage to WAKE UP and muster the courage to explore the edges of our comfort zone.

We are coming together and rising from the ashes of the global changes we are facing.

May we support the process of Awakening!

This is for you if: You are a talented, intuitive, creative and a visionary leader in your field.  You are highly trained, professional, experienced practitioner building a sustainable and enjoyable business. You are committed to expanding your reach to empower & inspire more clients & students from a soul-centered place of ease and flow.

Your power, gifts, passion & purpose are essential for global awakening

You are being called onto your soul purpose business path!
Imagine what it would be like if you could…
  • Stay clear & focused on the daily steps needed to create your BIG dreams
  • Enjoy a schedule FULL of your soulmate & ideal clients
  • Confidently create your group program, retreat or online course
  • Enjoy a consistently growing income that supports you without overwhelm
  • Be supported with a made for YOU plan, heart-centered business coach & conscious business tribe to achieve the next level success in the shortest time possible

My purpose is to support women to follow intuition and build a profitable business aligned with the exquisite rhythm your soul.

I have supported women, healers, coaches & teachers to:

  • Enjoy her first $15k revenue month making a positive difference in her community
  • Generate six-figure revenue in one year for the first time while working less
  • Add $3000 revenue per month to her business doing what she loves
  • Create a thriving healing business that has time and location freedom

The Soul Success Design is focused on designing your highest revenue year aligned with sharing your magic powers in person & online.

You’re invited to Create Wealth in Alignment with the Highest Good

On the Soul Purpose Business Path you can expect to:

  • Design, Promote & Enroll your Signature Course, Workshop or Retreat with Ease
  • Quit Overwhelm for Good by Integrating Masculine Focus & Action with Feminine Flow & Intuition
  • Create your Soul Purpose Success Schedule to Make Money Now & Build your Soul Purpose Business Legacy for the Future
  • Confidently build a Heart-Centered Community of Clients & Referral Partners
  • Alchemize your Limiting Beliefs of Success & Failure to Activate your Divine Power

The Soul Purpose Business has nothing to do with hustling, trying to fit your soul into a blueprint, template or adding more to your to do list. It’s about settling into the exquisite daily rhythm of your soul. This is NOT a program that will overwhelm you with information, our focus is to take aligned action, implement and manifest your Soul Purpose Success.

Soul Success Design activates the new paradigm of conscious business in alignment with your soul purpose


Foundation for Soul Purpose Business Success
In the start-up phase in business from 0-$100,000 per year

  • Clarify your Speciality
  • Build your Tribe & Attract your Soulmate Clients
  • Confidently engage Heart-to-Heart Enrollment Conversations
  • Generate Money with your Signature Offerings

Amplify your Soul Calling in Business
In automate & accelerate phase in business from $100,000-$200,000+ per year

  • Design or Refine your Success Pathway (Sales Funnel) to create Soul-Centered Wealth
  • Launch & Fill your Group Programs & Offerings
  • Create  & Manage your Multi-passionate Soul-Aligned Launch Calendar
  • Simplify, Streamline & Secure Soul Success Design in your Life & Business

Soul Success Design Coaching includes:
3 months of Private Soul Success Design
12 – 45 minute One-to-One Coaching & Healing Sessions
10 x 10 min “Just in Time” Coaching Calls
Text & Email Support
Energy/emotional balancing (no appointment time)

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Full payment of $3000 or Three payments of $1111

Bonus courses included to support your Soul Purpose Business Journey:

Spiritual Art of Wealth: Purchase Price $188
Create Financial Freedom in Alignment with Soul Purpose
Signature System Mastery: Purchase Price $488
Design your Unique Program to Serve More Clients & Make Money with Ease

If you have questions about this invitation please fill out an application for a complimentary Soul Purpose Clarity Session

We will discuss where you are now, where you would like your business to be and then explore options for how I can support you.

Click here for the application: Soul Purpose Clarity Session

I have a limited number of Soul Purpose Business Clarity sessions available; I encourage you to fill out the application to book soon

If this invitation resonates, let’s set up a time for a phone conversation to discuss if the Soul Success Design aligned with what you need and want now.

with love & the power of awakening,
christel xxo

p.s. Finding the gems in your Hero’s Journey is magical – and it works on all levels of your body, mind and being. You’ll see the truth of your power, activate the courage to attain your desires, and you’ll do things you’ve being dreamed about for a long time.

“You must give up the life you planned in order to have the life that is waiting for you.” 
Joseph Campbell


What women are saying about the Soul Purpose Network:

“Thank you for gathering, supporting and guiding this powerful community. I appreciate the combination of brain-storming creative ideas integrated with energy work so the insights and inspiration land i real time. I walk away grateful and moved by your skills as a facilitator and your heart as a leader.”

“Thank you for this valuable time together. I am uplifted by the power and strength of community. I appreciate you sharing your gifts of joining women together to support our dreams”

“The Circle was absolutely wonderful, heartfelt, safe, soulful, helpful, integrated, perfectly timed and brilliantly planned and executed. I am grateful. I respect and honor you for your gift for today.”

“The Circle was impeccably guided, timed and held. I feel energized, clear and excited about my business.”


If this feels like the purrfect fit for you, I would be delighted to support you!