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Forbidden Phoenix: The Rising Power of Women’s Unspoken Truth

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Deep healing happens when we shine light into the shadows of our mind and heart in order to mine the gems from life changing events. In our heroine’s or hero’s journey this process of sharing is often called “the return,” where we courageously return to our family and community to share the wisdom and insights we have gained from our journey.

It is an intense time in the world and I don’t see any signs of the pace or intensity decreasing. On a daily basis I hear about women feeling: depressed, overwhelmed, exhausted, broke, afraid, alone etc.

Do you feel an INNER PRESSURE to align with soul purpose and stop denying our soul’s calling?

Often it takes a personal tragedy, death of a loved one, health crisis, getting laid off, or the dissolution of a marriage to WAKE UP and muster the courage to explore the edges of our comfort zone. Our community is collaborating on a book multimedia project to share stories, poems, prayers & practices that reveal unspoken truths & personal insights on: death, life threatening illness, bankruptcy, miscarriage, abortion, losing a home, death, divorce, addiction, depression, suicide, etc.

Forbidden Phoenix ~ The Rising Power of Women’s Unspoken Truth

June has been a rough month of grieving for me. This month marks 22 years since my older sister’s death and the last time I saw my mother…. oh yes, father’s day is in June too! UGH 🙁

Death creates a certain flavor of grief.

Losing my mother is a whole other challenge and mind-f**k.

I surrender to grief.
I journey to the underworld.
I allow all the emotions I would rather not feel.

I listen to the voices in my head:

Inner critic: “Get over it! 22 years since your sister died…and you still cry?”

Unconditional love: “it’s ok to cry honey, I will hold you.”

Inner critic:”You will never see your mother again, let go!”

Unconditional Love: “Love never dies, let love wash over and through you.”

Inner Critic: “Why can’t you be happy for all the years your father was alive?”

Inner Wisdom: “Write a book called Forbidden Phoenix.”

me: Wait, what? Write a book now?”

My inner wisdom: “Create a book, podcast series and video collaboration with women who have experienced the intensity of life changing events and their stories of rising from the ashes. This project will highlight the Rising Power of Women’s Voices and create a sacred space for your unspoken truth…”

me: OK, Here we go!

We are coming together and rising from the ashes of the global changes we are facing.

May we support the process of Awakening!

The Rising Power of Women’s Unspoken Truth: Book, Podcast Series & Video Collaboration

A soul gathering where deep listening happens, where truths are revealed, on the sacred ground of transformational healing for generations past, present and future.


There is a LOT of flexibility in the how you feel most comfortable contributing: you can share anonymously or be added as a contributor, there will be options to share for free and options that include a financial investment from authors. There will be opportunities to be interviewed on audio or video (which may be transcribed for the book) or you could write a story, poem, prayer or practice.

Sharing your story will support your healing journey inspire others to release, forgive and move forward with an open-heart, more love, courage and compassion.

Honoring & healing through the Power of Women’s Phoenix Rising Story

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Forbidden Phoenix ~ The Rising Power of Women’s Unspoken Truth

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If sharing your Unspoken Truth appeals to you, fill out an application for a complimentary Soul Purpose Clarity Session

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Here are a few quick videos to highlight unspoken truths about my process of grieving my older sister’s death:
Forbidden Phoenix Session 1 ~ Death & Being with What Is
Forbidden Phoenix Session 2 ~ Room to Grieve

with love & the power of awakening,
christel xxo

p.s. Finding the gems in your Hero’s Journey is magical – and it works on all levels of your body, mind and being. You’ll see the truth of your power, activate the courage to attain your desires, and you’ll do things you’ve being dreamed about for a long time.

“You must give up the life you planned in order to have the life that is waiting for you.” 
Joseph Campbell