Create your Signature Program for your Coaching Business

The Signature System Creation Course is the step by step process I use with my private clients to create the personalized offerings that serve your community while generating income for your business. This course supports heart-centered women to bring together your passion, gifts, training and heroine’s journey to make a difference and make a living doing what they love.

Creating a Signature Program that everyone knows you for is the fastest way to fill your schedule and programs with clients you love to work with!

STEP ONE: Listen to this 25 minute audio training & use the journal to help clarify your Signature Offering:
Audio Training:
25 minute Audio Training & Visualization Practice
Create your Signature Program

Create your Signature Program Journal

Additional Video Training:
15 minute training: How to Create your Signature Program for your Coaching Business or Holistic Practice

I recommend clarifying the following aspects after you go through the audio training in order attract paying clients:
1. Create a one time introductory session at a reduced rate for the first 3-10 clients.
2. Create a name that resonates with your ideal clients and speaks to the results your session will help them be/do or have.
3. Create an introductory 4-5 weeks package you can offer at the end of this session if it’s a good fit to keep working together.

4. Call or contact all your past clients, students and friends and let them know what you are doing. At this point this will be easy since your enthusiasm and excitement with be flowing!

If we distill business success into 4 Elements this course has supported you with the Earth Element & building the foundation.

EARTH 1: Clarify your Offering & Community
WATER 2: Market your Offering to Attract your Soulmate Clients
FIRE 3: Enroll Clients in your Signature Offerings
AIR 4: Support your Clients to get RESULTS

Would you like my support to help you market your Signature Program in order to enroll and support your clients to achieve results?

If you resonate with my style of combining soul healing and intuitive business strategy we can explore possibilities in a no-pressure conversation to make sure we are a good match, click here for a Soul Purpose Clarity Session.

Share your new Signature Program in our Soul Purpose Tribe Facebook Group. Connect, share your brilliance, support and be supported in the spirit of love and collaboration.

Keep me posted as you share this offering with your community, I wish you the BEST!

with love & the power of awakening,
christel xxo